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 The opposite of what the quoted original post says, of course, meaning that the Pope believes in any way that homosexuality is either normal or acceptable. He does not, as your link shows. His stance is the same as Jesus’; that the sin is, of course, to be hated, punished, and remain unaccepted, but that the people guilty of its practice are to be treated as any other person. “Hate the sin, love the sinner,” in short.
Not sure where you get ‘abysmal’. I’ve only ever been wrong about the iPhone.
 Oh, I have. Election Day needs to be a federal holiday, obligatory to all businesses, everywhere, and all non-essential personnel therein. You have no excuse not to take the day, go to your local voting station, and read about every candidate. Their position, their beliefs, their plans, etc. Each presented in an identical way on their own leaflets and posters, with charts created therefrom that simply aggregate that data, not change it in any form, for quick and easy...
 Yes, let’s vote for candidates who don’t even tell you their positions. I guess that’s a better system¡
 No, it’s perfectly fine for them to do it. They have every right not to accept types of payment, just as they have every right not to accept payment at all and go bankrupt. It should not be barred by law.
 What are you even trying to say?
Okay. Enjoy your delusions. I’ll wait for you to explain what “let me pay for it” could possibly mean other than the music is currently stolen. You won’t reply, but whatever. If you’d taken any time whatsoever to read and comprehend what was written, you wouldn’t have posted such nonsense.
No, not a word of that confirms what you claimed.
 Maybe stop buying them, then.
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