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Eff yes! Go down in a blaze of “glory”! Don’t remove the parasites! Go Samsung!
 It might be, but Apple never did that. They were in no way a monopoly. Any music purchasable from iTunes could be burnt to a CD and then ripped back, DRM-free. This remains true today. They don’t have an argument and have wasted a decade of Apple’s time and money pursuing illegality. Screw them all. Regarding Sony... what about their MiniDisc format, so popular in Japan?
The low-end 13” retina MacBook Pro B&H link goes to Adorama; I think it’s just a copy of the link further down.
I would have kneeled down a bit, but yep.
It seems to me that the distance between the speakers isn’t the actual issue here. Rather that the angle formed between the speakers and the listener (and, on a small enough scale, the quadrilateral formed involving both ears) is important. 
 [random garbage walking in front of the frame for absolutely no reason, ripped from Mos Eisley] 10/10; would mock and deride again. Beautifully done; I want to learn how to cut elements in motion out like that.
Put a table in Pages (anywhere in iWork, I bet), select a cell, and drag an image to it straight out of Safari (or any browser, I bet). It copies as the image URL. Select the text field within that cell, drag the image, and it embeds correctly.   Why would anyone want the former behavior? Can that be disabled?   Ah, select a cell, drag an image to it from Finder, and it becomes the BACKGROUND for the cell. Select the text field within the cell, drag the image, and it...
 That reminds me of a pair of DeLorean sneakers that Nike made one year. Available only on Black Friday, they were sold out instantly at midnight...
I was actually wondering about a controller (probably wired) for OS X. It’d be nice to gather ROMs of my physical game library to have everything in one place on my computer. Sure, I can use keyboard+mouse to control them, but it just doesn’t feel the same.
New Posts  All Forums: