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 Statistics backed by the federal government and anthropologists are ignorant and prejudiced, are they? Cute as a button, you are. Glad to see you went out and at least found the truth behind your lies, even if you’re physically incapable of admitting it to yourself.
 Yeah, I guess logic and reason would seem pretty extreme to someone in your position.
 Yep, that’s what words mean. OOPS, you just outed your lie. 
 They could, I suppose, which is why I didn’t speak in absolutes. Do you have evidence to disprove my statement? Aww, ain’t that cute.
 Then don’t say things like this:  And maybe people will care about literally anything you have to say.
 You’re always good for a laugh. What an ironic correlation. I happen to have one that is even more relevant, however.  
 Thanks for thinking you know what we think we know.  So? Yeah, it’s pretty depressing. Falsifications tend to allow just about any connection. That’s the opposite of “better”. Yeah, you’re really making a good point¡ Aww, that’s cute. Why, I bet the Daasanach and Nyangatom don’t argue about the workings and nature of the universe, much less the physics that define and explain it. Boy, do we look stupid!
 The fact that they bastardized the City Palace makes my blood boil. 
 I doubt it. The storage would be for the on-device Channels and video content you wanted to store there. The only storage for live stuff would be temporary cache as buffer for rewinding, etc. None, now that their monopolies are permanently protected and mandated by the government. Could’ve sworn that many already had. H.265 does GREAT things, so look for iTunes content to migrate to that in the near future. I imagine that’ll be a necessity, but you’d run into in the first...
New Posts  All Forums: