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 I’m fine with this, even if* she’s lying. For once we have an analyst LOWBALLING Apple. That’s good. We need to see more of that. We need to see more analysts out on the street, starving to death with a cardboard sign reading “will short stock for food”, but one step at a time. *”What do you mean, if?”
 Oh, you know what I mean. All my music’s ALAC now.
 I’m still totally okay with this design from 2004. It’d have to be a 13” or 15” tablet, but I like it.
 Oh, so you’re saying he’s often unjustified? 😉
 It’s not about invulnerability. It’s about increasing the cost-risk ratio to the point where you are considered an unnecessary expenditure. And the house analogy is wrong. Houses are pretty darn secure. What happened here was they contracted out a vault in a warehouse but instead of using the vault’s tumblers they just ran a zip tie from the door handle to the frame.
 Well, this is Apple we’re talking about. Dual accelerometers for better accuracy. Want to know the time but can’t be bothered to move any part of your body? Stare at the sun!
Well, no... All you have to do is have an accelerometer that will turn the display on when it registers the watch being moved from right=down (left for lefties) to back=down. Boom.
No, Google should learn what fair use is first.
Oh, is that when they’re predicting? M class or X class? I’d actually prefer to have the grid wiped out for a few weeks. It would force our government to get off their hinders and pass legislation that would create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the fields of electronics and construction. We’d finally BURY our electric lines where they belong, making our cities more beautiful and safe from this sort of thing. I’m not really one for jobs created by a government...
New Posts  All Forums: