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 Again, you need to just stop posting here.
Yep, and a couple hundred million more of toddlers not being shot. But, again, you don’t care at all about fact, reason, logic, or truth. Emotion, exclusively, drives you. I have the third largest country in the world to visit, in safety, without a barrier to communication or misunderstandings from laws. So yeah, I can go places if I choose. You really ought to just stop posting here entirely.
 Pretty well, in fact. Given that, you know, violent crime is down and people can protect themselves. And? Is anyone unaware of your detachment from reality at this point or do we need a few more examples of your divorce from logic and reason.
 You aren’t, no; I apologize if it was construed that way. And you’re not the one to decide that, nor will you ever be.
What’s your POINT?!
 37%. Why should I have the intention? Yes, that’s exactly what he was thinking of when he referenced that town. /s Good. Gun ownership is directly proportional to a decrease in violent crime. Republican system. And you magically don’t do the same, which is humorous. Before I prove you wrong again, what’s your definition of the word ‘worst’? I’ll use your definition so you can’t worm your way out of it. Thanks. Wow, we actually agree. I think they should have turned the...
 Provided they use a battery and not just a block of lead.  
 No, we’re not talking about the same thing, where “paid fairly” means, either, “allowed to bid yourself to other companies for your work” or “you should not get that much money because I say you should not get that much money”. I was actually going to add, “The only way in which they’re related is that they both involve dollar signs,” but I didn’t because I expected people to be smart enough to comprehend that.
Because they’re in no way related, I’d imagine.
Nah, get over it.
New Posts  All Forums: