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 Ah, I see the confusion. That’s not a psychiatrist, that’s a sadomasochist. 😉 Emoji since AI’s emoticons are broken. I don’t know why I went back to using them at all; emoji have a far greater range...
  The screen ends here. You can compare this image with the one above to see it better. It’s all under a single pane of glass.
It looks like a first gen. If that’s pedestrian, call me Street Walker Jackson. Wait, maybe don’t...
Until they start making them with C, which should be as soon as ratification.
8/10, would never want to read trolling like this again.
It’s fixed in DP6.
 Looks like a cross between a 1st gen iPhone and a 3rd gen iPod touch.
At least no more “Why does only one speaker work on my iPhone this is horrible Apple is evil they sold me a broken phone” nonsense.   Too old a reference? :p
Why? It’s garbage. You can’t see larger than a certain size, so anything beyond that size just wastes battery and GPU power.
 Weird. My calculator gave me different numbers the first time.
New Posts  All Forums: