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 If he can give us the names of, say, three of them, I’ll be okay. They don’t exist, though.
It’s no more accessible and conflicts with the volume buttons.
 Okay. Disbar the judge now. No one this stupid should be in charge of legal proceedings.
 I’d have to be whining first.
 How Can Time Be Real If Our Minds Aren’t Real?
 By means that are otherwise illegal.  No. Diversity is a good thing.  Oh, SHUT UP already. People who think this make me sick. I guess the Constitution also lets us set fire to and loot businesses. I’m gonna take a flying leap and guess that not all of them are.
 If they win, there should be a significant stipulation regarding only those workers in west Africa itself. Yep.  No. He’s just getting the band back together. Please look up what the Time award is.
 Keep manufacturing them, then.
Given that Time didn’t give it to Steve the two years he most deserved it, who cares?
New Posts  All Forums: