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 Both. It physically can run, but it runs absolutely horribly and destroys performance. Adobe has abandoned mobile Flash development.
 You know, I never got why OS X autocorrects this by default.
 Click the little green and grey icon next to his name and try to tell me again he didn’t say the words I quoted, troll.
In a country where any political system but communism is a national security concern, I don’t think we should care much about whatever else they have to say.
When Apple finally buys Adobe and shuts down everything but Photoshop and Illustrator. “What about Light…”Integrated into Photos.“What about Prem…”Integrated into Final Cut.“What about After…”Integrated into Motion.“What about Audi…”Integrated into Logic.“What about Dream…”It’s terrible. Use Coda.“What about InDes…”Integrated into Pages. Imagine how great Pages would be with professional layout tools!
 Sure did. That little foray I took into Best Buy in 2007 showed a lot more netbooks than the last time I looked, too. They know where technology is going and what Apple will be doing by 2020, but they think they can get there smoothly without having any platform in between to ease the transition. That’s what you get when you’re not actively doing anything, instead waiting to see what the actual industry innovator does first.
Safari in DP3 will save your tabs if it crashes even if the URLs behind those tabs have been deleted from your history, and that’s great.   So, for example, if you have to clear out all URLs with the string “we” in them because Safari IS TOO STUPID TO FIGURE OUT THAT I WANT TO GO TO MY BOOKMARK CALLED “WEATHER” WHICH I USE NEARLY EVERY DAY, PULLING UP INSTEAD A URL FOR A WEBSITE I HAVE VISITED ONCE, and then it happens to crash (as Yosemite enjoys making it do), that tab...
Good. Though haven’t they already been doing this with all older versions?
 Who says the flash in the back can’t breathe like the patented sleep light breathing? That’s what it ought to be doing. I can see why they might not want to mix messages there (breathing means one thing on iOS and another on OS X), but they already do that with plenty of other things.
 Well, I covered all this in my posts, but again… 
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