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 Telling everyone about the OS’ is a “smokescreen”? Because they’re not morons.Oh, I see. They LOOK the same. Well, that settles it. That MUST mean they’re identical. New products were not advertised. New products were not rumored. Take your FUD and shove it. This is not happening. Stop being a liar.
 Yeah, Objective-C, Apple sure had NO CLUE what they were doing when they pulled that one out. We should all still be coding in BASIC, because anything newer is “not a good idea.”  Come off it.
 No, they’re playing pin the tail on the donkey, in the dark, using paper clips attached to tapeworms, and the poster of the donkey (actually an aardvark) is in the other room.
 Fixed.   I’m sure it doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to change it.
 Bah. Imagine THOSE fonts as system standard. 
 I saw both “FINALLY a language that doesn’t have to deal with this” and “WOW, I’d never thought of that” on their faces.  … /s
 In before the Google Lickers. “BUT BUT BUT BUT WE OFFER THAT FOR FREEEEEEE”
 I’m gonna miss Lucida Grande. 
 As Craig went past, he hit thermostats. I said out loud, “Ha! And it’s not Nest!”
New Posts  All Forums: