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 Just leave. The article is about a fake product. Oh, is it now? On whose authority? Yeah, just leave. Prove it or shut up. Hint: you can’t prove it.
 I received one as a gift when I heard they were being discontinued. Unfortunately future iPads will be too narrow to use it. And it doesn’t exactly fit mine.  I just like orange.
I’d MUCH rather he be the Tesla/Ford of our time… Edison was a thief. Musk will get us to the Moon.
Keep your pants on, everypeople. Let’s look at this again.  Cook doesn’t have to. Ive does. Cook does in the business, Ive does in the products. As does Federighi. Steve trained his team to be him after he couldn’t be him.  He’s not wrong in what he said. Jobs is the one who saved the company from going over the cliff. Jobs took the reins, but pulling the carriage was his team from NeXT. The wheels were Apple’s existing infrastructure. The carriage was the brand name. The...
 If the title can be answered with “Yes” or “No”, the article wasn’t worth writing in the first place.  And the answer’s no.
 You don’t seem to comprehend much of anything at all, given your other posts. That’s how they “get away with it”.
 No. Sorry. Try again. Obviously that means it can never change at any point in the future¡ This is you, 30 years ago: And eight years before that:
 I knew your English professor? 
 Where’s your white text ‘/s’ after that? You seem to have forgotten it.
 Yeah, we sure believe you.
New Posts  All Forums: