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 Thanks for the FUD. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/06/06/lightning-enabled-headphones-could-let-apple-ditch-the-headphone-jack-on-future-iphones
 Protects intellectual property, yes. What are you confused about?
 Are you saying that the Korean War will end in any other way? What makes you think this? That’s obviously how the war will end.
 Anyone, who believes anything they wish, as long as they’re intelligent enough to actually present the point they’re making (or pretending to believe). Trolls aren’t. We don’t need people who spew FUD, lies, or hoaxes.
 Stop the FUD; I want to get off.
 He knows that’s your point. That’s not his point.
 Not talking about loans… Picture German reunification plus two orders of magnitude. I see nothing to suggest anything other than full on WWI-style billions of dollars for free.
 Honestly, the SK’s have had our money, training, and hardware for 60 years. Their stuff is as close to parity with ours as our government allows to be sold to our allies-who-could-someday-become-enemies. They can take the North themselves. North Korea has no outside support, no modern technology, and nothing newer than 1970s tech. They have rockets that can’t make it past the peninsula, nukes but no warheads, and while they have the largest standing army in the world,...
 And I clarified twice. You’re not the one who gets to make that assessment. 
Thanks for confirming you can’t refute anything I’ve said. Please just don’t bother replying if you don’t understand the words that are written. Or, you know, ask for clarification. I’m happy to give it. Just don’t do what you did and make crap up.
New Posts  All Forums: