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Chromebook is an insult to WebKit.
 I clicked it, but it took me here. I guess that’s close enough. 
 You have two choices. Either tell her she’s vain or tell her she’s glorious.
Google+ is social networking in the same way that McDonald’s sells lattes. Gotta cash in on a fad.
Speculators. Maybe people terrified about oil, who knows.
 They tried. Dropbox said no. EDIT: YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT YOU COULDN’T RENAME FILES OR FOLDERS UNTIL NOW?! AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY USED DROPBOX? EVER?! Or is it just iOS’ version? My point stands, but it’s a touch less incredulous.
 Isn’t it funny, a ship that leaks from the top. And the bottom. And the sides. And has on board a standing order to bucket water into it.
Eff yes! Go down in a blaze of “glory”! Don’t remove the parasites! Go Samsung!
New Posts  All Forums: