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Holy crap, CHEAP.   Remember when the 30” Cinema Display was released, it was $3,299. Alone. JUST A DISPLAY.   The iMac is $2,499.
 Me. Why should I have to take my iPhone out of my pocket? Apple’s with me in that regard.
Replay.   Apple may buy these guys.   EDIT: OOH, real time volumetric lighting.
I honestly couldn’t have imagined why. Higher resolution for a larger model.
 Once upon a time, Adobe would have been showcased at an Apple keynote. … AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SCREW YOU GUYS!
No NFC, meaning no store purchases. Why, Apple?
 It’s a semi-public forum. If the question isn’t personal, of course he’s answering it.  But that’s meaningless. All that matters is the real answer.
 Okay, then there’s no discussion here at all. It’s black or white. Your point is what, exactly? In no way are they escaping what is required, as they are not outside the law, as per your own admission. No, try again. If you care so much, why not get rid of the loophole? It’s the right thing to do from every point of view that matters.
There are still pages deep within Apple.com that use the 2001 pinstripe Aqua style of navbar. Steve kept those around.
 Prove that Apple is illegally not paying taxes they are required to pay, then. Is this or is this not legal?
New Posts  All Forums: