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 Yep. Oh, wait, no, see, that’s not even remotely close to a valid response. Thanks for confirming my guess, though!
 Maybe if you’d read any of those comments you wouldn’t come across as a moron. I was going to make a point about this, but the thread’s not in PO. Originally Posted by kent909  What’s your problem? Let me guess: we should be outraged about “real issues” like people starving in Nambutu or whatever? We don’t care. Not here not now, we don’t. Get over it.
 *Later, while being indicted for fraud* “Now, Mr. Solipsism, could you please tell us about this... signature... used to buy [product] at [time]?”“I dunno, is it a picture of the French Riviera?”“... Yes, yes it is. I’m sorry, sir; this has been a misunderstanding.”
 What, is there ANOTHER update after 15.0?
 It’s ended. Anyone can go read his posts and see that he’s contradicting himself and pretending that there is no other way to do this than his own. Additionally, he blames Apple, et. al. for the problem. It’s nonsense. I see ApplePay eventually being a conduit to getting the information you need to do your taxes effortlessly.  As the PS3 and 4 flounder for what they’re designed to be, it’s surprising how mildly popular they were (initially) as Blu-ray players.
 Psst. Hey, boredumb... Lie.
 Hey, you’re the one with internal contradictions.
 Sounds like instead of trying to prevent inversion by law we should just lower the tax rate to prevent it by necessity.
 For once, porn wasn’t the deciding factor in a format war. However, I wonder if that’s why Flash still exists at all... So no refutation, then. Can’t imagine you would’ve had one anyway, since that’s exactly what you said.
Nowhere near just you. Unfortunately still far fewer people than it should be.
New Posts  All Forums: