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 The only comment that actually replies to the content... How about instead of forcing a monopoly on us, as the government would want, they remove whatever restrictions are put in place now that allow ISPs to be a singular entity serving a community? I don’t have a choice of electricity or natural gas where I live, but I do have (one) choice of ISP: either DSL or cable. I’d prefer to have that choice rather than be told I can only buy from a certain company, as per my...
 Remember, of course, that this is perfectly legal, and the lawsuit against them is invalid.
 Like a petulant toddler. Denied what it wants, it lashes out with its fists and voice and throws a tantrum until it is either appeased (wrong) or ignored (right). It’s high time to put legal teeth behind the “of, by, and for” on which our republic is founded.
 Equally easy to hold. The Plus, on the other hand*... *these unintentional puns are the only thing keeping me alive
 Chip Causes Consternation; Competitors Confounded, Chagrined.
I’ve found that, in many cases, less control–not more–leads to greater success.
I imagine that Sony is slowly looking over its shoulder and pulling at its collar as it nervously glances as its PSP lineup. And though Microsoft never entered the handheld department, the A9 might make them get hot and bothered regarding the performance of the Xbone.  Why don’t I own any?! Need to educate myself on the best way to go about it.
 Hmm. I still don’t find even a 3.5” too small; it’s just the shape that feels... primitive. Like coming back to my Early 2008 MacBook Pro after a trip to the Apple Store to fondle the 2nd generation unibody. Oh, speaking of which... Attention to detail.
Okay, let’s assume the iPad Pro is still 4:3.   Since retina is a requirement and the minimum therefor is ~327 ppi, there are only a few resolutions that will work.   Assuming a 12.2” iPad Pro, the panels being manufactured could be 3200x2400 (QUXGA). Nice round numbers that work out to 327.87 ppi. A 12.9” iPad Pro would make that 310 ppi.   Assuming a 12.9” iPad Pro, the panels being manufactured could be 4096x3072 (HXGA), working out to 396.9 ppi. This has the...
 After nearly two months with my iPhone 6, I picked up my iPhone (first ‘un) to check on something. And I felt bad. Because it felt nubby in my hand. Fat and curvy and all stubby and stuff. Tells you how well they’ve designed their new, insanely thin products. But it’s still a great size for a phone.
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