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 Without a US, there’s no WWI or WWII in the first place.
Immediately thrown out for criminal stupidity.   Arrest these people for misuse of the justice system.
 So where’s he wrong?  Or we’ll see a rash of apps that only unlock their full capabilities after 15 days of ownership. 
 Well, there is a reason sharks haven’t meaningfully changed shape in several hundred million years.
 More so when you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Guess who was completely wrong.
 The failure of comprehension here lies with you and you alone (and, well, the others who don’t seem to get it). Hardly. Because movie studios often take multi-million dollar baths and ruin their own reputations to promote a movie… 
 Gee. How about that.
 Yep. Really.
THERE WAS NO “REVERSAL”. The iTunes Connect holiday is over.
 The iTunes Connect holiday break is over. The movie has been added to the store. The only explaining that needs done is why you’re incapable of reading the English language. Yeah, I was wrong about the timeframe. You were wrong about the intention.
New Posts  All Forums: