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 It’s amazing that people actually believe this. As though the entirety of human history hasn’t been about creating technology to keep us from doing garbage we shouldn’t have to do anymore. I guess everyone who worked at an establishment that washed laundry by hand just died off, then, because when the washing machine was invented their jobs were taken. 
 Really? I always thought it was 90...  I can go outside in shorts and a t-shirt in this weather in the 40s. As long as there’s no wind, I feel great (if there’s wind, I grab an ear-wrap and some gloves). Pants come on at roughly 0. I’d type the degree sign more but I have to copy/paste it. Huddler has mapped Option+0 to their own garbage (which, interestingly enough, shows you their own garbage).
 K. I don’t know how the law handles bobbies, but I’m pretty sure that a review of evidence that results in no charge for a crime will allow you to go ahead and say there were no crimes committed.
So a white police officer killing a white criminal is racist?  Maybe don’t rob a convenience store and attack a police officer and you won’t be called a thug? I dunno. Thug isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world to be called, even if it may be the worst way to act in a society. Who’s apologizing for police brutality, anyway? I can’t imagine you’d find anyone who would say that it’s okay to arrest–or otherwise–punish those who haven’t committed a crime.
 You’re either delusional or a finger-looker yourself.
 Yeah, 37ºF. I figured enough of us were American to not notice. My healthy internal temperature is 95.9º, so I’ve always been a fan of the cold. I’ve run debilitating fevers at 98º... Doctor goes, “Are you sure you’re sick?” to my bleary-eyed stare. 
Well, it’s December, 37º outside, and I have the windows open.   Never been a fan of it, but maybe I should overclock my hardware...
Not even close to relevant.
 So they’d rather be completely discredited than ignored? Props to them for having some unintentional sense.  Because it was determined that no criminal wrongdoing had occurred on the part of the police officer.  That’s pretty funny. You, I mean. You’re pretty funny. For believing this is an argument, I mean. Or that you’re making a valid point in any way.
New Posts  All Forums: