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 I have squares for palms and stubby fingers and I can get to it just fine. And that’s surprising, given the size of the phone. They must’ve built it right or something.
 Define “examined”. Did you ask her if she bought an iPod since? If she has purchased any iPod or other portable device for the purpose of music playback since the initial allegation, her argument is void.  No, the train has been plummeting off a cliff for quite a while now. Can this be dismissed on the grounds of criminal stupidity? YOU WASTED NINE YEARS. WHY DO YOU THINK WE’LL BELIEVE YOU?!
 So no explanation why?  Don’t play stupid.  I’m proud to be ‘racist’ against a racist. Now shut up.
 And? Maybe they don’t want to do it. You resolve it by stopping the delusion. Of course you can. They’re called robots and they’re inevitable. Nothing he’s doing here will change any of that.
 It’s 8, but that’s what it’s for; yep.You know, as much as I used to hate it (still do), I’m starting to warm to the idea of native Apple TV games. Say an Apple TV with an A9 in it. Supports 2160p video (all new iTunes content to match) at H.265. Completely and utterly blows away not only the compatibility and power of everything else on the market, but makes buying an Apple TV the only possible choice due to its even HerD (pronounced “ay-cher-dee”) content library. And...
This is utterly ludicrous. Why? 
 I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I’m pretty sure Soli’s right on this one. In any case, it’s not cool to force updates on anyone in any OS. I’d like to know why they do it for the Apple TV but allow choice in iOS proper and OS X. They’re trending toward forcing people to auto-update, so let’s hope we keep the choice. After all, just ONE bad update for ONE day seems to have shattered confidence in new ones. How long before that trust is restored?
 Who cares?
 It doesn’t store files, so yeah, AirPlay is enough. For what purpose? It’s a television. Have Channels. What’s wrong with just doing it through the TV? I’d like a 1:1 of the UI in Remote, myself. No sense in having to drag when you can just touch what you want. And have a $500 markup over regular “smart” TVs? And H.265, of course, but that’s a given.
 Okay, what’s your suggestion for features?
New Posts  All Forums: