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 Ever… been to any of those? YEAH. It’s not like Google pulled a Microsoft or anything.
 When I learned that plural words in German default to the female definite article, I started the Campaign Against Women’s Plurality Of Otherwise Predictable Word-based Object W…identification.  CAWPOOPWOW. “How’s that working out?”I get daily death threats from feminist groups.
 iWork, baby. Why would Apple care about Office?
 No, Apple rejects ideas that don’t work.
 And if that mattered to the argument in any capacity, I’m sure we’d apologize for it.  No, all European and European-derived languages and cultures do that. It’s also irrelevant to the point we’re making.
 I wonder if they won’t replace Notes with an iOS version of TextEdit in the near future (given that TextEdit has direct iCloud support but no ability to: 1. see those documents on iCloud.com2. see those documents on an iDevice. Replacing Notes with TextEdit would give a basic text… wait, why? Pages is free now. Apple doesn’t need to do that. Never mind. I was going to say “have an option to take yellow notes, just as before” but they don’t need it at all.
 Funny, particularly since Nintendo products are banned in China.
 Except that’s not what he said at all. Nowhere can what you claim be construed.
 Zero of that makes sense. That’s not Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: