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Wish I could. My bank doesn’t support it yet.   I still prefer cloth to anything else, anyway. Then again, what does it matter when currency is backed by faith? In before any posts calling out “hypocrisy”.
Which makes you wonder why it was posted here at all. At the very least, the article should have been in PO.
You are the only person on Earth who is okay with being forced into a lack of convenience.
 There are more ants than humans. I guess the ants are the ones that are sapient and the masters of their planet, huh. “iTards”? What about Andipsticks? 
The people responsible for this law need to be imprisoned.
 Given that we don’t, keep your delusions to yourself.
 A multitouch desktop.Lucky for you there’s a filesystem in iOS and in every other operating system made this side of at least 1990, so you can keep buying Apple products no matter what they release. Quit whining and deal with it. In the near future, you’re going to be shown a better method in every conceivable way to get at your documents than folder trees. And you’re going to whine about how you like the worse way better. And then when no company will hire you without...
 Good thing the Air wasn’t a first-gen anything, huh.
 Why is this a petition? The government has absolutely no reason whatsoever to get involved here. The group is well within their rights not to support NFC if they so choose. Screw these idiots.  Luckily I didn’t say that.
I like how it’s competing with Chromecast and not Apple TV.   They know they don’t even remotely have a real solution here, so they’re going with what they figure they can beat.
New Posts  All Forums: