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 iPad Air is A8X. iPad Pro would be A9.iPad Air is 2048x1536. iPad Pro would be 4098x3072.​iPad Air has two speakers. iPad Pro would have four.iPad Air can play 1080p60. iPad Pro could play 2160p60.
 We need to come up with some ‘reptilians control the queen of England’-level theories regarding Apple products.
 Well, instant Force-sensitives. Being a “Jedi” is where the training comes in.
 I mean, they have to stop making A5s eventually. That’ll force a new Apple TV. Hopefully it will have either an A8 or A9 (PLEASE A9 APPLE TV), because either would mean H.265 (and iTunes content to match) and the latter would mean 4K video support. The first piece of throughput hardware other than a TV to bring 4K to people.
 I’m wondering when you’ll realize that rumors regarding the former actually apply to the latter.
 So the Republic’s clones must have been pretty insane, right? Given the Kamino...ans... doubled their growth rate? Then again, not canon, so.
No, because there’s no Air in the name.
 Not really; it’s a different model. What’s the point of adding ‘Air’ if you’re not going to call the larger, better one ‘Pro’ when you’ve already established that convention?May as well claim the MacBook Pro is going to be renamed MacBook Air Plus.
HERE we go. THIS is more like it.  
New Posts  All Forums: