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 No; the image comparison shows it’s way too big, yeah? I absolutely hate the idea, too–I’m a gall darn purist, after all. But they don’t think people will be able to get to it if it’s up there, which isn’t true.
 That’s exactly what they’re going to do, isn’t it? Not only that, they’ll keep the square tiles on the round watch face. 
 You can change that. Profile/Preferences.
 What, the first image of the mythical 5.5” device, then?
 Here’s a comparison of this thing and the 5S with the Apple logo at the same size.Same comparison but corners matching to better show size difference.So obviously the logo is smaller. Or this is fake.
 I’ll be generous and guess that this interpretation, coupled with your lack of understanding of the word ‘shill’, means English isn’t your first language.
 Ooh. Tempting. “It looks like you’re trying to shoot a layup. Would you like some help with that?”
 It’s Haggar.
 We don’t reflect the majority of users. Even if we did, this product wouldn’t be for us. They did, for price concerns, and continued doing it. If they cancelled anything, it was because the device was old.
I just want him to rename them the Developers.
New Posts  All Forums: