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 Please keep the psychopaths in the nuthouse.
Oh no, not you; he just wanted to quote the whole conversation.
 There’s an interesting point to be made here, using an old phrase.“Separate, but equal.” Men and women are utterly different, but who’s to say they’re not equal in their differences? We need to stop treating men and women as the same, not stop treating them as equals. There’s a big, BIG difference in those two words with big consequences. 
Yeah, hi, this is insane.
When they’re annexed by Russia.
 No. This has nothing to do with Apple. If a bunch of idiots think they can get more money for something because it has iOS support, they’ll go bankrupt watching their competitors sell the same product for less.
Uh… what?
Not. This. Company. Have a clue what you’re talking about before spewing random nonsense. EDIT: And of course Slurpy does what I’m now afraid to. Kudos.
Not this company.
Well, yeah. What’s MacWorld without Apple? 
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