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 *awkward coughing during silence*  Ah, what if it’s a combination of the two? What if it’s a new Apple Store styled after a home (et. al.)? What if the store will have mock versions of rooms in which products will sit, allowing customers to actually get a feel for what it would be like to own said products and to give them a way to see how an iPad or whatever could fit into their lives. Say there’d be a living room mockup with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV on...
 I just had a thought. Is iOS still based on Leopard? Is it? Because iPhone OS 1 was; everyone knows that. Apple has just never mentioned any change to the base OS since then. I ask because it wasn’t until Snow Leopard that Apple started properly reporting giga and gibibytes in its OS. So could it be that iOS still shows “less” space than it actually has because the NAND’s gigabytes of storage are being read by the OS as gibibytes but reported to you as gigabytes? That’s...
 Sorry, is this supposed to be news? It’s China. We know this. That’s how the entire country behaves. Humans are cattle to the elite. Anyone who thinks this is Apple’s fault needs to be punished. Whoever wrote this needs to be fired, imprisoned, and sued.  Why can’t we get the government to force the media to... ah, wait, that’s probably a bad idea.  This is why we need to put the entirety of the country out of work. Take all manufacturing out of China and then the...
 I immediately dozed off. What were you lying? Then why is it a tablet? Maybe they should stop selling it as a tablet. And... you know, building it as a tablet.Yes, it owns a MacBook Air so that it can actually perform tasks. ...ignore the specs and the use case and the products. Because in-house hardware has been so successful for them in the past¡
Nothing. Speaking of dressing up and Apple, I have a pair of Levi 501s, a black mock turtleneck, and a pair of New Balance tennis shoes that I always used to wear whenever I had to give a presentation. I don’t think anyone ever caught on.
 They should have stopped the numbers when they hit the 6th model. Period.
 I love how meaningless this survey is.
 19th, I’d think. Apple will need more time than that.
Bet they won’t say until the afternoon of the 9th.
New Posts  All Forums: