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 No, I mean that since they breached their contract, Apple would be pulling their right to carry. It’s satire only because Apple isn’t smart enough to do it.
I’m sick of Disney garbagizing everything they own. Rather, everything they’ve purchased and amalgamated.
 They make eSATA+USB ports. I know of several machines that have them. Seems handy in my opinion. At least… before Thunderbolt existed. Now they’re worthless.
 There continues to be nothing ‘flagship’ about a device too large to be used.
Keep thinking that.
Doesn’t really help their case. 😆
 I guess you think that if you say it enough times, it becomes true. Like how fairies exist or that Gary Busey’s teeth are small. I want nothing to do with the 5.5” “phone” because the 4.7” is the maximum size usable one-handedly for the majority of the population. Aww, look at the guy with the giant hands, thinks this is an argument. Cute. Humor meter at 60% and rising. Never said that. Except no, all reviews and all real world use of all phones that large show otherwise. 
 lol. If that’s the best you can do, enjoy your delusions. Or, alternatively, your 6’7” height. Note that you’re taller than the vast majority of people, and as such are outside Apple’s general range of product.
Are they? You’ve proof they’re releasing this device?
 Seems to be the only line anyone can manage to come up with. Apple specifically doesn’t work that way.
New Posts  All Forums: