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Literally no one cares. Your delusional psychosis that would have companies forcibly appoint people for the sake of a diversity quota is one of the most dangerous things that could happen. I figured you were joking, but now that I know you’re not it’s just depressing and pathetic.
 Sure, but that’s not what he’s saying.
 Yeah, I understand they helped write the bill.
 Only because we don’t have any active admins anymore. It’s actually a setting that can be flipped to allow users to do it themselves, but it would require a server restart.
An iOS 8 breakdown would also be nice to see. I imagine there are more on 8.2 than on Kit Kat.
 So make it that world.
Great argument! I’m sure people will take you seriously now that you’ve insulted people for thinking you’re a guy given that your username is a male-only name! Come off it, dude. Of course that was on purpose; get over yourself.  Nice strawman. Try again.
 I mean the Comcast situation. Creating part of the content accessible across a cable and owning the cable across which it moves.  Enjoy your own, separate argument, different from what I’m discussing. There’s no response here.  You apparently don’t comprehend that places in which free market doesn’t exist are the sole result of government intervention in said places. But no, enjoy your reducto ad absurdum, too. The Department of Justice that gave guns used to kill...
Yeah, I don’t like this at all. No one should be forced to sell something if or where they don’t want to.   Nor do I like content creators being content providers.
 Here’s the best take I’ve seen on it. Tell me where it’s wrong if it’s wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: