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 I have a Daishō that says otherwise.
TouchID on the thing is definitely the way to go, but does this appeal to women?
Nope. Render.
 Holy crap, you’re right. And that bottom iPhone? Half the color is missing from when they cut it out of the background.
 Sounds about right.  It’s China Mobile…
Do you know what a rumor is?
 Of course you can. An analyst can say something correct without having any knowledge whatsoever. That doesn’t make them right. I can call heads on a coin flip, but when it comes up heads I didn’t “know” what it was.
 I’m fine with this, even if* she’s lying. For once we have an analyst LOWBALLING Apple. That’s good. We need to see more of that. We need to see more analysts out on the street, starving to death with a cardboard sign reading “will short stock for food”, but one step at a time. *”What do you mean, if?”
 Oh, you know what I mean. All my music’s ALAC now.
New Posts  All Forums: