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 Hmm. I disagree, but for reasons too lengthy to expound on here.  It terrifies me that people who believe this are allowed to vote.
 Wait, what? Were they ever planning to add a dark UI to any applications at all? I thought that was just my own wishful thinking. By the way, they need to do that.  Hear hear.
 Single term = zero accountability. Not that there’s any now, but at least there’s an expectation of it now.  I said nothing of the sort, but methinks he doth protest too much. No one’s opinion is being limited in political threads. Political threads are being limited to the political subforum.
 “Apple doesn’t throw a bunch of useless crap into their devices just because they CAN have a bunch of useless crap in their devices. What they put in their devices is given purpose, utility, and integration with the rest of the content thereon. Samsung is incapable of creating a product of that sort, as evidenced by generations of garbage, overloaded with things its users never use, for the sole purpose of increasing the length of their spec sheet.” In the future,...
 They have to pass an executive litmus test, at least. He wouldn’t be an executive. I rather think much of the problem with him is his congenital lying. 
 How does that make any sense whatsoever? They have NOTHING until 2015 and you want them to ignore that and keep having NOTHING until 2017? THIS HARDWARE until 2017?!
 Apple isn’t Samsung.
 I used to do that with all threads like this. Now they don’t care.  YES. PARTICULARLY IF IT DOES THIS. We don’t need more rampant political trolling nonsense here. This is a perfect reason to move it there.
So the device that doesn’t exist and which is being given a ludicrous name will have all the good things we don’t know about. Just clarifying. There is nothing premium about a phone that is too large to be used. It’s hard to imagine anything lower-end about it, seeing as it isn’t low end in any respect whatsoever. 
 How about you not put words in my mouth and just don’t contradict yourself instead?
New Posts  All Forums: