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 Great, another game of he said she said.
He’s saying that Apple is in the wrong for not utilizing the patent it has for an implementation of a security feature that takes advantage of the subtle difference in innate capacitance between different humans. Since touchscreen devices are already capacitive, it’s not a big stretch to see a future device with a capacitive screen that detects these differences and pulls up different information depending on who is using it without any need for traditional or other...
 That it’s a 22A cup. Oh, robustness…
 Surprisingly, he said, “my point is trolling you,” which is apropos for every ‘point’ he has ever made, really. 
Sure, but they haven’t been staggered with Apple first since… well, the beginning.
 Proud citizen of the state of Delusion, are you?
 So you don’t have any rebuttal to anything here, then. Just how much of the planet do you think is your property?
 No, fast food, by definition, is supposed to be relatively… FAST. So don’t charge 3x the price. Problem solved. Why would they need to charge any difference? Instead of a limited number of people capable of fitting through the drive through, the drones can serve orders of magnitude more people at once. Ever driven in a city?  Take the tin foil off your head. Are you insane? Any person, anywhere, can do this himself. These are owned by a corporation in the service...
 Confucius say?
Hey, you know what I just thought.   Amazon’s drone delivery is idiotic and useless because of the size, weight, and distance restrictions.   But fast food drone delivery… isn’t. Far more of those than distribution centers, far more people serviceable, and an order could be made from a phone, sending GPS data, and then the drone would show up at that location with the food.    Dominoes did that already as a stunt, but really it could become something legit.
New Posts  All Forums: