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 It was here, so it may not have been right. I’d check myself, but I only have access to one machine with Bluetooth 4…
 Yeah, that bothered me. What bothered me most was Tony getting the shrapnel taken out of his chest. That’s sort of… his thing. Oh, first movie. Swapping out the cave reactor for the civilization reactor. Is there something I’m missing about anatomy, or were we just expected to believe that a person’s heart is SIX INCHES BELOW THE SKIN? The sheer depth of the fusion reactor assembly in his chest… you look at the scene and you go, “Okay, am I a freak or something? I can...
 I’ve heard iPhone <–> iPad, iPhone <–> Mac, and Mac <–> Mac. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be iPad <–> iPad and iPhone <–> iPhone, too.
 It’s illegal to be anonymous in Brazil.
 You can get an adapter from Thunderbolt to just about anything. Nothing but Thunderbolt ports on your machine, keep your old peripherals until it dies or you want a new one. Then it’d have a modern port (and, heck, daisy-chaining). I just remembered that now; daisy-chaining itself could kill USB.
 But you don’t.
 Just use an iPod touch as your remote. Problem solved. 😛
 This is one of the very, VERY few things that Lucas says during the making of the prequels that isn’t completely bat-crap insane. “This is Anakin Skywalker’s story. We see him as a kid, we see him grow up, be tempted, fall, and see his son redeem him. That was always the idea for the story; there isn’t anything else after it.” Incidentally, he was saying this in response to the idea of a sequel trilogy, since, as you mentioned, the initial initial initial very rough...
 I just discovered a few days ago that a fair number of my documents haven’t been opened since before iWork ’09 was released, and therefore I hadn’t saved them in a more modern format. Come to find out that their current format is somehow incompatible with the most modern iWork and that I’d have to open them in ’09 first before it could figure out what they are. I don’t have any more machines with ’09. This isn’t exactly convenient. Nor does it make any sense at all. Pages...
 You wanna keep the FUD to a minimum, please?
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