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 I want a robotic Steve Jobs statue that will occasionally jump down off its podium and chase people for no reason.
At least the 1970s had love-ins. Sure, this garbage has fewer STDs spread, but at least getting a venereal disease accomplishes something, albeit a bad something.
 How stupid can you possibly be? Honestly. How stupid? Is it quantifiable? HOLY CRAP. YOU GUYS ACTUALLY DID IT! YOU ROCK! Keep doing this with the political stories.
Arrest them all for loitering.
 If the lack of something does not adversely effect your physical, mental, or emotional health, it is not necessary. I like grapefruit juice, but it isn’t necessary. It isn’t even necessary as a source of vitamin C if other options, such as orange juice, continue to exist.
 Yeah, I’m... a little concerned about that logo. Because he’s not the only one with it.
 Ought to arrest him for 4th amendment violations.
 Man, that Spanish economy... No wonder the Catalans want independence; their Barcelowomen are getting short-changed!
 Why aren’t you banned? This level of stupidity needs to be illegal, never mind against the forum rules.
I guess preventing death isn’t disruptive.
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