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 No, that’s not how it works. It would’ve been the 5SC this year, but wasn’t. It’ll still be the 5S next year. The 6 falls where the 5S is now. WHY?! They didn’t do it this year; they’re not going to do it.
 I wouldn’t write things as direct quotes unless they can be cited.
Where’s the white ‘/s’ that is supposed to be hidden at the end?
It’s laws all the way down.
No, you got it totally wrong.
 But it doesn’t matter to him and it doesn’t matter to Google. Pay attention.
The PBs and DPs are always different.
 If you look at the HTML, his post content is actually within the “quote box” scripted for the quote in his own post. So when you quote his post, it doesn’t bring that “quote” content along. It’s really, REALLY ugly code. I mean disgusting. Totally unoptimised.
 “But if we’d been tracking all your phones more closely, we would have found the guy trying to break into the White House before he got there!”OR “You have to let us track your phones; what if it’d been your house he broke into?” The answer to the latter, of course, is “I would have shot him in the chest; problem solved.” 
New Posts  All Forums: