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 I’d steal your intellectual property to make a point about how stupid you are for supporting these actions, but, well, you’ve never created any.
Feelings often don’t equate to reality.
So why not tell who’s wrong what’s wrong.
Of course not. Just think about it–dark, dusty, cobwebs everywhere… 
 And yet, somehow, the 4” iPhone magically won’t sell, despite being an iPhone.
If 4” phones aren’t popular, why did the iPhone outsell all Android phones when it was only available in 4” and smaller?
Total nonsense.
 Except you can’t interpret “searches must have a warrant” to mean “searches do not need a warrant”.
 I’ll trade 3 Kardashians for 2 Kalashnikovs and some borscht.
The WiiU already does this. I wonder what the difference would be between Nintendo’s patent.
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