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 I was for renaming the entire line to “MacBook” when they dropped the actual MacBook. There’s no iMac Pro, after all. At this point, I figure the laptops have ~six years left, so they could still do that, but in the end it doesn’t really matter.
 I guess truth is denial now, huh.  I said no such thing.  And you just keep doing it...  Okay, again, enjoy your delusions. Sales are down? So what? You’re inventing that the price is the problem. Marketshare remains the same. Look at the tablets actually in use. Call us back when the iPad isn’t 90% of that number.
 To be fair, I certainly prefer “Apple Home” to “iHome”, you know? I still wish the iPad had gotten the Apple name from its launch. It’s a tablet, so the idea of having an Apple Slice really appealed to me in the weeks leading up to the 2010 announcement.
 Can ≠ should. It’s even harder to imagine Apple Pad, Apple Phone, Apple Jonathan, Apple Jonathan Mini, and Apple Jonathan Pro as product names.
 1. No declining marketshare.2. Sales numbers are fine. Educate yourself. By doing so, you’ll see why buying that $29 tablet for your kid will lead to him being spied on.
 So then they’ll use indium antimonide. Big deal.  Okay, enjoy your delusions.  Except the rumor says otherwise. Why would it be A8X when we know that chip struggles with resolutions as high as it would have? I hate how much sense that makes.  I’d say 3, but knowing Apple they’d do 2.  Idiots will buy crap. The iPad’s price isn’t hurting it. Knock it off. “...I start to realize that maybe I don’t actually love my children.”  This really has nothing to do with Apple. Their...
He said ‘midichlorians’ in 1977? Source.
 iPad Air is A8X. iPad Pro would be A9.iPad Air is 2048x1536. iPad Pro would be 4098x3072.​iPad Air has two speakers. iPad Pro would have four.iPad Air can play 1080p60. iPad Pro could play 2160p60.
 We need to come up with some ‘reptilians control the queen of England’-level theories regarding Apple products.
New Posts  All Forums: