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 They do, but that automatically disqualifies them from being considered. If they answer ‘cabbage’ or ‘aardvark’, on the other hand…
 Your height, please, for reference. I fail to see how 6’3”+ is “regular” when 6’ is the average. Too bad that’s irrelevant.
 And what better place to introduce it than the A8?
 Yes, it creates medical problems.
 It was only a year. How time flies. Apparently it was to use the A5X, so I’ll bet that’s why it was never released. I imagine the next Apple TV will use the A8 to have h.265 and parity with the rest of their lineup. Remember, it’s still using the A5r2 die shrink put in late model iPad 2. “I didn’t know h.265 was rumored for the A8.”A man can dream, can’t he?
 Generalizations make me want to barf. Is a ‘technolibertarian’ a real thing or a fantasy dreamed up by those who don’t comprehend whatever argument is being held here? 
 Thunderbolt 1 and 2 (copper) carry 10 watts. Optical carries nothing. Thunderbolt 3, the one Intel is currently working on and which will have a different port, will carry 100 watts. So yeah, we have to change ports AGAIN, but it will truly be the last time. Five Thunderbolt ports down the side of a MacBook (and eventually three on the 15” iPad) and boom, that’s all you need.
You forgot 4. There is no 5.5” model: it’s an iPod touch. They’re repositioning the device for gaming, both handheld and via the Apple TV.   The A8 is going to have the last generation of console gaming devices running for the hills and this generation’s looking uneasily over their shoulders.   By the A10, there will be no contest, and this generation of consoles will still have 3-4 years on their cycles.
WOW THE DEVICE THAT DOESN’T EXIST ISN’T GOING TO BE RELEASED RIGHT AWAY. WHAT ARE THE ODDS.   Why have these people not been fired? What does this say to anyone else in any other occupation about needing to have any sort of integrity whatsoever?
 But that’s enjoyable.I agree with you.
New Posts  All Forums: