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 That can’t be used as an example. You’d need a 4” phone with the same internals to get a proper comparison.
PLEASE let it use an nVidia 9xx series processor! I want to get a 970 for my Mac Pro, but OS X will need a baseline driver before the Hackintoshers can get one running.
lol, Europe.   “I’m paying my taxes.” “NO WE WANT MORE TAXES” “Okay, you’ll have to change your laws to collect a higher percentage of tax going forward.” “NO WE WANT MORE TAXES FROM THE TIME YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN PAYING” “What?” “YOU WILL GIVE US MORE MONEY FROM THE PAST BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T GIVING US ENOUGH THEN” “No, I was paying the legal amount.” “THAT DOESN’T MATTER YOU WEREN’T PAYING ENOUGH BECAUSE WE SAY SO YOU NEED TO PAY MORE NOW”   I don’t know how you...
 Or you could read the posts and see what was being discussed.
 Enjoy your LC II full of .cwk files! The rest of the world has left the 1990s.  They are all lies. Treat your possessions well and this won’t happen.
 He’s not asking that. He’s asking what concessions would be had.
And I’m sure an equal number of choices to convert to ePub and get on with the future.
 Oh, great. Thanks. Now I’m thirsty for apple cider but it isn’t the right time of the season yet.
 And if I could, I would have just deleted or edited the post.
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