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Uh, I'm a little confused here. I beleived, by reading these similar news, that iTunes Radio only worked in USA. But at least iTunes Radio on Macs is working here in Peru, as I discovered recently. Love it by the way. So, what am I missing? Does iTunes Radio doesn't work on UK at all, or it does work on Macs, but not iDevices?
I do much prefer the rounded corner icons. With sharp corners they just look... ordinary. Maybe I'm too accustomed. Here's hope this flattening redesign will not take away the character of iOS, too Google-like to be any differentiation.
At first look, it seems like an iPhone 5 case... that's a Lightning port connector, no need to beat it as a copy or another type. Then, the case itself follows the design patterns of previous iPhones, I favor it over any other plastic designs I've seen. Yeah, this is the real deal.
Folks, I don't live in USA and can hardly comment on the real interests of News Corp., so I give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm more interested in the technical aspects, which seems very elaborate... Is there something similar in the iOS side, either from Apple or third-party?
@ipadhiyar: some basic gestures are still difficult for old folks, like drag & drop. Moving the mouse with a tilt would be a much simpler gesture than moving the mouse with the button pressed for them and, so I believe, for us more dexterous people as well
As a related topic, is there any news of iPad 4 being as thermically hot as the iPad 3? Or is the A6X CPU a cooler chip?
Is it required the use of a compatible Passbook app? I thought that we would buy our tickets on the internet, and then we would receive an e-mail with the ticket, which would open in Passbook, no need for more apps. What am I missing?
What's that so wrong about Kindle Fire's ads? It's not like iAds, that appear when using an app, just on lock and home screens, isn't that better?. And they seem to be high-quality, just like iAds too. As an iPad user, I wouldn't mind an enticing ad from time to time on my screen. Actually, it may lift some boredom or give some novelty to the day-to-day screen. And if that subsidizes $200 off the price, why would that make me feel a cheapskate? I still prefer an iPad 3,...
Certainly, I'm looking forward to this feature, hopes it allows me to find great apps. However, I'm mystified how this would work... if I buy music, it's likely I would buy similar music, but, say, if I buy a to-do app, why would I want another to-do app? I understand this would work just fine for games, but other categories?
Damn!! they've removed the Backspace key shortcut!!... I was really worried, thought it was a bug... but after trying other key combinations I can use the command + left arrow key combination to go back to previous URL... better yet, I can use command + right arrow also to navigate through my used URL's... on Safari 5 those were assigned to some forgettable combinations. ME HAPPY :-)
New Posts  All Forums: