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what about @icloudmemac... has a "je ne sais quoi" to it ;-P
  The perspective makes you believe it's 16:9 aspect ratio, but so it seems is the iPad. By comparing the two we should deduct it's rather a 4:3 ratio
The way I understood it, new non-satellite maps will be vector based, unlike current non-satellite maps which are images, just like the satellite ones. Better yet, the vector maps need to be downloaded once for a certain sector, then you can zoom in or out at your heart content. That's not true for current map images: at certain point in your zooming, new images need to be downloaded. Besides, street labels are fixed, and many times missed, in the map images, but in the...
Also... a minor detail, Steve's beard style does not match Kutchner's. At least not when he started using turtle necks. That photo makes you believe that a young Jobs (70's) wore turtle necks.
There are like 27 million users of Instagram... That's like paying $37 for each one. How they are planing to recover that money, user wise? I guess they eventually integrate it to Facebook, whatever they say now
And, being special edition, it will be pricer... but too fucking bad
All I have is the original iPad, and in my experience, the screen is always too bright and have to use it at the minimum value, unless, of course, it's used under the sun. And they say the new iPad is even brighter... guess I won't have temperature issues.
why, when you ask Siri about what time is it, it says 10:49, but shows a clock telling 5:49??
I was able to reproduce the experiment, and certainly am very pleased. I can't hardly wait to get the new iPad, I have the original one. I have VLC for iPad, I hope it works with the new model, as I find it better to handle mp4s of different characteristics than the Video app.
A giant iPad, more likely. That finger is from an adult... Compare it to the size of the icon, and you'll see it (the icon, not the finger) is huge!!... A 15" iPad, anybody? Besides, iOS doesn't highlight the text of an icon when it is touched (or when it's about to be, it doesn't work as with a mouse ). This is just an artistic interpretation of a Retina Display iPad. That it is coming I'm quite convinced.
New Posts  All Forums: