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Oops, and I thought I was clever with passwords! Thanks Firefly, I actually have a method to beat prying eyes, and I think also covers hackers: I have different passwords for all my accounts. The passwords are names of people I know and to trim and obfuscate them (the passwords, not the people ) I remove vowels and replace specific letters with numbers. I store accounts and passwords in Simplenote, so they are easily available to me anytime (Simplenote's password is the...
Does Apple implement a try-limit for passwords? Like, enter 5 erroneous passwords and it blocks the account? I really ignore how brute force for password discovery works, but I don't think it's like we see in movies: a series of numbers roll-up in a display, and one by one, the passwords characters are cracked. I think the cracking software must start with a, say, whole 4-char password, then another 4-char password, then another, until all 4-char password are spent, then...
Well, I think Apple is more interested in selling iPads than leading the publishing software, or any other non-massive software related market by the way. In any case, Apple may need to bring the textbook approach to comics, magazines and newspapers if related software companies continue with their tepid innovation. Adobe has already wrestled Apple and knows what's coming to them if they try to use the tactics you're talking about.
Apple will once again start a publishing-related tsunami like the one it started in the 80s. Adobe has no other options than follow the curse and release already those HTML5 tools they are working on, or they'll miss the first, all-important market-setting waves. And enough of that maritime figures
Samsung may not build any more of Apples' SoC because of their legal battles. Is this their way to force Apple to keep the contract, to avoid the bad publicity of americans losing their jobs if Samsung is forced to close the fabric?
Nobody steals rucksacks full of books. Should parents be concerned on the possibility of attacks against their children from delincuents trying to get an iPad?
There are some features on FaceTime that make it very different to video/audio iChat: it works more like a phone, it rings and you have the option to not answer it. Nobody would resent that, you are not available. It's "socially-correct" if you don't answer. On the other hand, iChat shows a status. People expect from you to answer their call if you're available. You're challenged to demonstrate your unavailability, hence the use of the status feature on IMs. But the...
And it's repeated in the title of the article... Has AppleInsider noticed? I certainly believe this error does not diminish the professionalism of Mr. Cook, but knowing the Apple-haters..
Are there 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Core 2 Duo? That puzzles me. I have a 2007, 2-GHz, Core Duo MacBook and can not verify if it's a 32 or 64-bit. Will I be able to upgrade?UPDATE: Forget it, I can see my mistake now, "Core 2 Duo" vs. just "Core Duo". DUH!!
Regarding the openess of iMessage protocols, hadn't Daniel Eran Dilger already explained here that it is based on XMPP? or was he wrong? He concluded that that would enable integration of iMessage into iChat. Here is the link http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...e_clients.html
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