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No, it's not there, shame. Anyway, I plan to back up that app forever... bet app for viewing movies in different formats... and free!!
Hey! I also had the same issue. Thank God, I remembered about this little neat application, Caffeine. Downloaded it from Mac App Store while still viewing the keynote, and then activated. Problem gone!!
Would be nice if the iPad shows iPhone specific apps in Retina Display resolution, wouldn't it?
What I understand is that Apple downloads the locations of all the cell towers and hotspots in the same area the user is, if they are not in the phone already. Then, looks for location of the towers and hotspots it is connected or identifiable, and uses these locations to calculate user position. So: a) all tower locations downloaded at the same time form an area of a hundred miles radius, you can only say that a user was at certain dowloading time within that area. b)...
How long before Apple cuts all stores that are not using in-app purchasing if they not follow their rules? I can't remenber, was it June? Zinio will probably have to raise their prices...
Damn!! My eyes are deceiving me. According to Apple's site pictures, the magSafe is a 5-pin connector. They were no fake pictures. Have you read about the patent about MagSafe+LightPeak? Since my MacBook has a 4-pin MagSafe I thought all have to be so... and seeing this 5-pin connector... well, I had my heart jump high in surprise!!
Actually, you may not. Those pictures showed the MagSafe connector with with the new 5-pin arrangement for ThunderBolt and now we know that is not coming in this current iteration of MacBook's
Because you actually install an .ipsw file (or something like that) that is like a whole disk partition and you loose any content (programs and data) on your iPhone. That's what I learnt sometime ago, but maybe that is not true anymore or I just not got it right in the first place. Could any body confirm this? I'll certainly appreciate more insight from this topic
You know, iPhone-specific apps run on iPads at 480 x 320 pixels. You have the option of running them native size or 2x enlarged, which makes images and fonts look awful. If those apps could run at 960 x 640 (2x option would not be necessary), the quality of images and fonts would be greatly improved. What benefit could it be if we get a new 2048 x 1536 pixels display, but still have apps that show images and fonts at 480 x 320 quality? OK... universal apps solve this...
Yeah, very unlikely. Many cheap feature phones already have TV and never see that many people lured by it. Apple's online distribution just settles the discussion. Pico projector are not that big enticement to me, full AirPlay would be better, don't you think? Now, NFC transactions... boy, that is SWEEEET. If, as reasonably expected, Apple comes with a well thought-out plan for this, it would be enough attractiveness for iPhone 5. Apple rules!!
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