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Exactly. I mean, I've never heard that there were trial versions on iOS. You can not have a free app, and then "upgrade" to paid version. How is that different now?
It seems as if connected by the bottom side, and not by any the borders, just look closer... is it possible?... Maybe I'm just freaking out
...on my part, but it seems as if we are looking from the top of the notebook, not the bottom, as it would be on an unibody desing... See the recess space to place your thumb and open the screen? Shouldn't be visible from bottom Update: Oh, wait, I realize now, that's also the thinnest part of the notebook. The recess would be visible from bottom
I couldn't realize what was odd in this design, then I looked at the place where you place your thumb to open the screen: you are looking from top, not bottom. This indeed is not an unibody design
Well, I couldn't go to the first day release, but today is very quiet... which is not unexpected, iPad Wi-Fi 16G model is sold at S/.2,300 or $830, decisively pricey If a peruvian has a way to bring one from USA, it would cost him $630 after taxes are paid \ I got mine this way, $795 for a 3G 16G model. Unfortunately, there is no 3G provider that has settled with Apple for a specific plan!! I'll have to try cutting a SIM card yet
Besides the evident move to avoid FCC investigation... Could these changes be in preparation for the Windows Mobile 7 release? I think Microsoft will have a coherent, competitive mobile plataform (and that Google, not Apple, will actually feel the pressure) The result could be that Adobe, Google, etc., will have Apple back in their good book, and Apple could avoid a potentially solid front against them Hey! it's not that I believe Apple does not stand in higher...
Yeah, after all... why we hear only about Stevo's wi-fi problem, weren't reporters also affected by the meldown? I followed four sites in parallel and never seen any issue
The size of the display is similar to the the iPhone 4, just look at the back of both parts. iP4 screen part is thicker, it seems. The glass or framework is smaller on this new iPod touch part. Can anybody elaborate why the reddish tone for this display?
Just speculation from my part, but maybe they want to sell iPod touch with a smaller price, hence they'll use a standar LCD screen (i.e. not Retina Display). Besides, iPod touch is sold in great quantities, they may have already get a price reduction from that.
New Posts  All Forums: