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So, if man buy it from apple online shop, have to wait 4-5 weeks then hands on? There is not text for that, crap!
yes, w/o AS support, that is a joke! I think, that is maybe a trick of Adobe, cause there is so few support for real cover, so they could say, you see, there is so few developer like cover their FLASH to HTML5, so iOS does not support FLASH is a incorrect choose....,
The beginning of produce date is possible cause 03.Feb is the CTM new year, all workers will go home.
oh, Come on! "mean something" Apple not so much? Apple for some user become "Believe", people like to use Apple, but MS Windows just makes people to use. That is different that is the"mean something"!
I am curious, if there is a front camera, then there must be a MIC, otherwise what for the camera? Facetime with word type? Oh me, oh my. So if there is MIC on it, then it will be nice, cause you can just buy some gear from China (the shell for the mobile signal) , then you will got mobile network for your ipod, so the new cheap version iphone?
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