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From that article: "iPhone 4's HTML5 looks pathetic versus Android, even worse against Flash 10.1"
From the story:"Google's Android mobile operating system has seen a fivefold increase in availability in the corporate market over the last nine months,...Android has gone from just a 3 percent availability in the corporate market in November 2009 to 16 percent in August 2010. From May 2010 to August 2010 alone, the presence of Google's operating system grew from 10 percent to 16 percent."Trends indicate that your company may be atypical. Current headlines scream that...
Not necessarily. They sell television series DVDs. My guess is that they are concerned that rentals might negatively affect DVD sales.
Thanks. I've started looking, and have found some interesting articles already.
I'll take a look.
Given that it is not mine, I have no pride of authorship.
Do you suspect that either of these is incorrect? No deal existed. Apple added the integration nevertheless.
The analogy under discussion is this one: "Whatever, a better analogy would be that Apple put a special gas cap on their car and you can only fill up with Apple petro at special Apple gas stations... And there is nothing different about Apple Gas... " To keep within the bounds of the analogy under discussion, putting in a different type of fuel would be like trying to install Google Maps Navigation on an iPhone. HTH.
Man oh man. Why does this sort of thing happen so often?
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