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I agree wholeheartedly with the first sentence, but the second is not something I've really followed. I've seen a few second-hand anecdotal claims, but nothing more substantial. From everything I've seen RIM has little to worry about in the enterprise market.Not at present, anyways. But as you indicate, the trends don't look so good. Then again, vis-a-vis Android, iOS trends don't look so good either, and I have no doubt that Apple will continue to be successful for a...
I find that for most things, Picassa works great.
Where am I wrong? I'd like to learn.
If this is truly the second incident in a year, given that Apple has hundreds of stores, their security is very, very good.
Are you under the impression that you must receive a license in order to use a patented invention after you purchase it?This premise is begging your question. It is the area in dispute.And if you think about it for a moment, you will realize that reselling patented objects is not illegal.
Then don't buy it. Problem solved.
Yep. It's sometimes like a politician answering a reporter's questioons around here. Specific things are said and asked, but the response is just a pre-canned rant tangentially related to the subject matter.The specifics of what is being responded to are often ignored in both venues.
Here's the latest that they have announced: The guy at the ATT store said they are selling well. It seems to have both a physical keyboard and a full sized touchscreen. My guess is that because RIM know what it is doing WRT physical keyboards, it will surprise us WRT its tablet.
Much like third-party car stereo systems? We can riff on that too.
Please read my posts more carefully before stating conclusions about my understanding.
New Posts  All Forums: