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Seemingly, that is not a very representative sample of the relevant market. In point of fact, there are tens of millions, and perhaps more than 100 million households with DVRs.Any conclusions you draw from the behavior of the sample you cite are therefor unreliable.
That is incorrect. The ownership of the phone passes to the buyer. The best that the vendor may retain is some sort of unperfected purchase-money security interest, but I doubt that they even have that.
According to the more technologically-intimidated, it is because you have Apple's assurance that the gas is OK. Just like the apps in the curated app store.But to further the analogy, Apple would seek to have it declared illegal to put other gas in "their" cars, going so far as to invent national security threats, and the USPTO would declare that in America, consumers have the right to use any gas they choose. Apple would routinely change the engine's firmware so it would...
Of course it did. That is exactly why it was sleazy of Apple to do it. Apple was unable to get the deal done, but they just went ahead like the 18 months were all a big joke which meant nothing.It is similar to a developer holding a groundbreaking for its new building, despite not yet having been successful in its bid to buy the land.
What about the "I've been a RIM customer like forever, I love my Blackberry, and this thing looks really cool" crowd? There are a lot more RIM customers than there are iPhone customers.
IMO, the portrait view adds margins that are more then twice as wide as normal. Firat there is the nice white margin, and then a huge black margin. The format looks suboptimal to me. Slavishly following an old medium in order to offer a lookalike replica on a new medium rarely works best.
My guess is that the RIM will be a hybrid which capitalizes on the platform's existing strengths, while overlapping other markets. For example, while enterprise acceptance will likely dwarf anything Apple is likely to see, its form factor likely will work much better for casual video watching too. I see wide acceptance, despite it being optimal for certain users and not a "lowest common denominator" appliance.
For consumers, is any of that important?
All except FUD . I disagree with much of what is left.
I don't know about illegal. But I would love to be able to get apps for my iPhone on download.cnet .com or at any of the other usual stores like Handango. Apple runs a nice store, especially for some types of people. But prohibiting the wares of any other store is - indescribable to me.
New Posts  All Forums: