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Yeah, I was much too broad. I'll backpedal to firmer ground:Apple wants lock-in, but many developers sure as hell don't.And the average joe doesn't know and doesn't care.
That all makes perfect sense. Apple wants lock-in, but nobody else does.
I didn't follow that. What struggle did they have?
My Dell gets many, many hours from its 9 cell battery. I've never timed it, as it has never been an issue.
Why do you think undercover cops admit the truth if challenged? Are the rules designed to ensure that they get killed by the bad guys? "Oh yeah - I'm a cop. I'm alone, surrounded by all you guys and your guns. And yes, I am indeed a cop, trying to make sure that very bad things happen to all you murderers." You may want to recheck some facts before you use them as a basis for your opinion.
Got any support for that contention? I think that you can reuse parts from wrecked cars without obtaining any license. I think that you can sell a used car which includes non-oem salvaged parts. I am aware of no impediments to that at all. Is it the trademark issues which concern you? That the seller here is "saying you can replace the stock struts"? Using a big block Chevy engine in a car not designed for it was a popular thing to do in the 1970's. Many of those cars...
That definition is correct, but too narrow. Here's the Wiki def: Patent troll is a pejorative term used for a person or company that enforces its patents against one or more alleged infringers in a manner considered unduly aggressive or opportunistic, often with no intention to manufacture or market the patented invention. So often the term is used in the manner you identify, and the use may be "typical", but it is far from exclusive. According to Wiki, my usage was...
I believe that you are incorrect. Got any support for your statement? I believe that I can take any car, modify it however I wish, and sell it. I believe I can take many other cars, combine them and sell the creation. Hot Rod and Custom Shops do exactly that, every day. Carrol Shelby did exactly that. He still does.
Other than the Trademark issue, why not? What patent issues are raised by your example?
The email and BBM are each important to RIM users, as I understand it.
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