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Good luck with that.In general, however, opinions don't become memes unless they resonate with lots of people. I doubt that many folks have friends and neighbors that they will want to think about in that manner.So good luck with your project, but I don't predict you will have any success.
What appears to you and what you suspect are each incorrect. HTH. HAND.
You need some facts to inform your opinion.
I base my opinion on the facts recounted in the story: No deal, nothing on the table, and Apple integrates them anyways. I agree that the story is badly written, short on facts, and is likely an exercise in dissembling. But it seems to support the contention that I made: No deal, nothing on the table, and Apple integrates them anyways.
Yes they do. You can buy Blackberry accessories in pretty much every outlet that sells iPhone accessories. Don't forget that Blackberries outsell iPhones by a huge margin.
This attitude is typical of 10 year olds. But consumers of electronics? WTF? Do people take product comments as personal attacks on the very core of their being? Do they need to plot their revenge? Do they feel better if they can cite advantages of their brand or product over another? Bitter mocking? About hunks of plastic and steel and glass?
And yet, they outsell Apple year in, year out.
They will write once and be able to compile for all the popular platforms. Seemingly, Apple will be included now that they have revised their submission guidelines.
Saturday Night Live ?
They have two main customers, as I understand it. The business community they have locked up. But their other big customer base is teenaged girls. Likely they will concentrate on their established customers, and then try to expand the base.
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