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But everything else is better widescreen. Like websites and videos, which seems to me to be the uses I'd want to work best.
Just for the record, I said nothing one way or the other about Facebook.
That was a pretty sleazy move by Apple. No deal, nothing on the table, and Apple integrates them anyways. No wonder the magazine and newspaper industries are saying "Thanks, but no thanks". Apple seems to be accumulating enemies a WHOLE lot faster than it is enticing partners.
Yes. That is correct.
Bullshit. Why talk about these things if you know nothing about it? You are free to buy a Civic, juice it up, and sell it. Period.
It is called being a "patent troll". They hope to intimidate, and in that posture, it matters less whether they have a leg to stand on legally.
Do tell! I want to hear all about this. This indeed IS something I know nothing about! Yer a riot, kid. Please don't ever change.
I did ask. They were clueless. I also went to Best Buy.
Reread the part of my post where I said I found them via mailorder upon my return. And please lighten up on the personal remarks.
The changes are cosmetic. The main problems remain unaddressed.
New Posts  All Forums: