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Again. I was searching in a big city. I planned ahead, and started searching many days before departing. This is a category with nearly no licensees, and perhaps zero licencees. Please try reading the posts you are responding to. Maybe twice, and again after you compose a response, but before you post it?
Me too
Yeah, sort of. They've got the Backflip. Did they bow anything decent yet? Anything of a Droid X caliber? I'm waiting for a great ATT Android phone. The Nexus One tempted me sorely, but I screwed up and didn't investigate eBaying my 3GS until after the prices had fallen off the cliff. Does ATT have any hot Android phones at all? They didn't used to. Even the rumored ones, with the exception of something by Dell, weren't very exciting, IIRC.
Does OSX have a #1 selling title in any consumer category? What did you expect to see?
Thank you. And BTW, I was looking in a suburb of one of the top-10 biggest cities in the US. The suburb alone has a population of over 100k. I went to both a Radio Shack and a well-stocked specialty electronics store, as well as lesser, but more local possibilities, like Walgreens. Nothing.
I was not looking for any random "external charger".Of course Apple licenses their 30 pin connector, Captain Obvious.
It's really too bad that Apple refuses to allow their proprietary connector to have much of an ecosystem. It sounds to me like these products are in a woefully underserved category. I tried and tried to find an external disposable battery charger in a local store and went empty-handed into the electricity-free camping zone. No plugging my iPhone into AA power. No nothing until I got back with a dead phone and saw some obscure stuff on the 'web.Apple's lockdowns and...
Why use any keyboard shortcuts at all if they are not a worthwhile labor saving technique?And besides, using a mouse wasn't really my point. My point was that using big arm motions on a big touchscreen is a lousy way to point or otherwise interact with a computer. Hell, even on a close-by laptop screen it is a lousy way to interact with a computer. The mouse works pretty well. Touchpads near the keyboard even better. And keyboard shortcuts are the best of all.
But isn't that just vaporware at this point? Don't get me wrong - the lack of pressure sensitivity is one of the worst aspects of a capacitive touch screen. The huge footprint of a dull fingertip is another. I'd love to see a better input method/device/capability for capacitive screens. But I'll believe it when I see it. I'm cynical enough to think it will be a stupid kludge with more bad aspects than good.
It was invented as an excuse for the iPad's lack of capability. It was said that because the iPad is for consumption, the lack of creation capability was A-OK. I think the key is interaction, and that consumption/creation is a false dichotomy. I think that computers are routinely used in an interactive manner (like I am doing right now) and that therefore, the limited input choices of the iPad are a detriment to my enjoyment of such a device.
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