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Can you suggest any MP3 tag editing software?
Adobe is a true friend to Apple. They can't be making much off of this software.
I took your comment to mean: Apple has much greater negotiating strength. Nobody is going to suggest a deal that works well for both. So Apple, with its superior strength, will force the other guys to capitulate in the end and "blink". To me, business deals are done either to advantage both sides, or because a bully is forcing a weak partner to do something they otherwise would not do. If that is not what you meant, I apologize. But maybe that is what you said,...
That was my thought as well. The hardware is one thing, but there are significant transaction cost too. I don't know what the question was. I don't know if the question included a reference to cancellation fees or not. I don;t know what percentage of respondents were past their contractual commitment period. Without this info, all we can do is guess about the significance of the answers.
How so? This is a poll of people to whom Android is unavailable: ATT customers.
Sometimes the truth is even stranger than sarcasm. The cops were part of a special task force funded largely by Apple.
The door was busted down long after Apple had their phone returned. Sorry to bring up facts. They can get in the way of a good rant.
The headline for this story shoud have been: Police interviewed Steve Jobs in Gizmodo theft case It would have gotten many more hits.
And it will get many, many hits and responses. More than the average, by far.
It sounds like you agree with Rain that Apple is acting like a bully. And you think that is OK. I'm not sure I agree with either one of you.
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