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They claimed that they were evaluating the app on some kind of an ongoing basis. I suspect them of fabricating this activity, and of making a fatuous claim that they had not rejected the app. The claim was sent to the Feds, charged with enforcing Federal law. It was, I believe, intended to slow down or misdirect activity by the Feds. If these suspicions of mine are correct, then my conclusions are correct. Next time I will paint you a complete picture, instead of...
Could be. It will be fun to see if that sort of thing ever comes to pass.
A 30 inch touchscreen would be horrible. Instead of a flick of a finger on a touchpad, you would need to practically rise out of your chair to move the cursor.
Their (cr)app is worse than the junk Adobe makes!
I second the nomination. But satellite radio hasn't been doing that well, has it?
Not surprising. In another thread, however, the opinion was expressed that Apple doesn't really care about expanding this potential revenue base. In this article, however, AI reports that to the contrary, Apple is pushing hard to court media companies as potential lucrative customers. Given the pre-release hoopla about Apple saving the publishing industry, I'm not surprised that Apple is continuing its uphill battle. It was predicted that subscription services of many...
Bingo. The post you responded to lamented the black/white viewpoint. Apple cares about this potential revenue. But there's an entire gulf between Apple's current level of concern and desperation. Just like there's an entire gulf between current sales and hugely increased sales. No need to go to any extremes. They need not be desperate in order to desire increased profits.
That's the sort of thing that drives me nuts with these iOS products. Just yesterday, I was looking at all the new stuff I had synced to my iPhone, including dozens of albums of music. Of course, many of them were screwed up and loopy, after iTunes had its way with them. One big compilation, like "The 100 Greatest x of all Time" ruins both album and artist view, unless you relent and rename everything just the way iTunes wants it. And what really sucks is when you put a...
I don't agree that separate input and display implies a desktop. Already, the vast majority of Macs have the computer built into the monitor, which is a step away from a box sitting there, taking up space on a desk. However, the Mac includes a (pretty much) single-purpose screen, which makes little sense to me, given how expensive nice screens are. I think that redundant, multi-purpose displays can be coupled with casual input devices (like a nice keyboard and deluxe...
New enemies are always an exciting arrival around here. This place thrives on them. If a story has over 100 comments, you can almost count on the headline mentioning Google, Android, Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit or another of the semi-official enemies. Can we now add Sports Illustrated? Samsung? LG was mentioned the other day, but got few hits. Why are they not reviled?
New Posts  All Forums: