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Are you guys serious? All the damn bellyaching? An iMac that takes up no more space then a well designed flat screen!? It's fricking great. It's a perfect consumer/student machine. and it comes with wireless keyboard and mouse. If you want a game machine get a G5 PowerMac or a playstation... I think the disc burner speed compromise is perfectly acceptable. A similarly equipped dell would take up 3 times the desk space... and be but ugly on top of it.
hmmm... I dunno the screen looks right, but the base? and the blue light?
my bad... to many rumor sites... it was at MacOsRumors.com but now I can't find it. it wasn't official... it was just "a close to the real thing" design
What does everyone think about the G5 mock up at TS? The screen doesn't look adjustable. It's sleek and a nice design... but I dunno.
hey.. I was just on the soho apple store... there was not a single iMac on display... where the iBooks and iMacs normally are, there were just iBooks... I also saw the new flat screen 20 and 23 inch monitors... they looked real good... the side panels were a glossy white plastic. theres no way a G5 iMac is going to be some boring gray color. I would think the new iMac would have to be as repositionable as the new monitors...
Part of the NY Times Review. "Some will say that the argument is unfair and unbalanced. Fox's critics — the most famous are Walter Cronkite and the inevitable Al Franken — appear relaxed, reasonable and good-humored, sitting in front of shelves of books and making their points in measured tones of voice. The on-air Fox personalities, on the other hand, appear to be a prize collection of blowhards and hyenas, with little regard for either journalistic niceties or basic...
Isn't war for humanitarian reasons an oxymoron? I bet more civilians were killed by US bombs last year than were killed by Saddam the year before. There's nothing humanitarian about war.
At least in the UK when Fox Gets out of line... they have recourse. This is in regards to the British version of Fox News. http://www.americanprogress.org/site...J8OVF&b=6228#7 http://www.ofcom.org.uk/bulletins/pr..._cases?a=87101 ------- Decision The Programme Code requires that all factually-based programmes should be characterised by “a respect for truth”; that in Personal View programmes the opinions expressed, however partial, should “not rest upon...
Just incase you have missed it... this is pretty funny. http://www.thismodernworld.com/weblo...18.html#001641
Here's a little fact about the case... Edward's was willing to settle that case for what the companies liablity insurance allowed... at least twice they offered and he declined knowing exactly what they could afford. So it went to trial and they were awarded MORE than what he was willing to settle for. Know what that tells me? Edwards is fricking GREAT at what he does. His client's didn't PAY him a cent... I'm sure they're not complaining about Edwards' fee. Edward's...
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