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Lets call this what it is - a business strategy, not a product strategy.  The iPad pro is a perfect example of a hobbled device - it's dying to be what everyone needs but they won't let it.  If they simply put some kind of representitve gesturing control into iOS (mouse, crackpot support), then they would change the paradigm of what computing today is.  It's the same thing they did when they went from the apple ii series to mac... it was a painful transition - but it was...
Nice article - but it doesn't matter. If you can't use a mouse than the iPad Pro isn't pro... it's that simple. Every attempt at data entry is hobbled... you can move faster on any laptop or computer - you could write something faster on a 1992 Mac. The perhaps rightly think putting a mouse on the iPad would spoil laptop sales - but it's to only thing that will make a difference... Their business bottom line is at odds with making the best product... and you see where...
Who cares if Logitech makes a keyboard, or another pen... I just need a mouse. Until you can hook up a mouse ... this piece of junk is just a more unwieldy iPad. This is what mediocrity looks like.
Ug. No mouse? useless. They need to stop screwing around. Let individual apps use mouse pointing. THAT'S ALL ANYONE WANTS. I'd take an air with a mouse over anything. They would RULE THE MARKET with that product... but instead, another hobbled half measure - this one a copy of Microsoft Surface, but less capable. Wow have things changed.
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