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 Original lineup for Superunknown then :)  Also technically Hiro Yamamoto, Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil are the original lineup.  Matt didn't come along until 1986.  Cornell was the original drummer and there was another drummer before Cameron came along.  If you're going to be pedantic, at least be right.
We would have had an original iPad day 1, but we didn't have the spare money.  Bought the original in October 2010.  Got my iPad3 pre-ordered as one of the first after the keynote.  I like my kid's Retina Mini, it's nice.  Huge difference in screen area w/the iPad 3.  I actually never liked the 2 b/c it felt like it went too thin.  I liked the heft of the original and the 3.  The Air seems nice enough, but I haven't spent any time messing w/one.  The Retina Mini feels...
My 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 3 is still routinely selling for 3 and 400 on Ebay and Apple only offers $160 on a trade in.  This fall when the next round of iPads come out I may upgrade to a Mini 3.  I tested the hardest to read pdf I own and it was just fine on the smaller screen of the one I bought for my kids
I just replaced the original iPad my 2 daughters have been using for awhile now w/a Retina Mini 32GB. Huge upgrade and it's definitely easier for them to both cart around, especially my 5 year old. Full apple case on both the original and this one. They treat the iPads very well.
 Same as it has been for a few years now.  It isn't overpriced, especially when you look at the stats on any comparable system that is actually of anywhere close to the same size.  The price is fine, but if they could get it any lower, of course that would be better for the consumer.
I love them giving a ding for possible electric shock from the monitor. It's a CRT. What the hell do they expect? If you don't know what you're doing and you open up an old CRT TV, you are asking for trouble too. Things like CRTs hold significant charge after being unplugged. Just the nature of the beast. I'm surprised they gave it a 7/10 as the Mac was intended to be a pretty closed system.
 I'm willing to bet that the switcher market vastly outweighs the other markets U mention.  Most people just buy a computer and never change anything, just buy another one later.  Soldered RAM won't impact most people at all
What assembly is required?  Plugging in a mouse, monitor and keyboard?  Or just monitor if you had everything bluetooth.  No worse than buying a brand new Dell desktop.  Well it's far better than Dell, I just mean as far as "assembly" goes. :)  Mac Mini is still a great switcher machine and I think Apple would be very smart to get it back down to $500.  Haswell, Iris Pro graphics, 256GB SSD and the uprade option of a Fusion drive.  Have a top end option with quad core and...
I have the mid-2011 Mini w/Radeon HD 6630M and it's been doing just fine for me since I bought it. I would be tempted by a Haswell Mini if there was a graphics option that would be an upgrade over my Radeon graphics in my current version. I know from reviews that once you get up to about 4xAA the Iris Pro drops off in framerates quite a bit, so I'm not sure how it would compare. Yes this is mostly for WoW and Diablo 3, but I do enjoy doing some gaming on my Mac
I'd rather watch the video of Robert Fripp working on sounds for Windows Vista :)   http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/scobleizer/Robert-Fripp-Behind-the-scenes-at-Windows-Vista-recording-session
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