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As a Sprint user, let me say welcome to our new Japanese overlords :)  I'm still waiting for LTE to hit Louisville, supposedly it's coming 3rd quarter.  My contract is up in Feb, so hopefully by then things should be set.
So many awesome music apps on iOS.  Some of the ones on my iPhone or iPad right now:   Garageband (Apple's DAW) Rebirth (303's, 909 and 808) Filtatron (Moog fun) Animoog (even more Moog fun) Sunrizer and SunrizerXS (amazingly good synth) Figure (yeah just for fun really but cool) Ampkit (amps and effects on the go) Korg iElectribe (original Electribe in iPad form) Korg iMS-20 (MS-20 and SQ10 made polyphonic) Korg iPolySix (Poly Six in iPad...
  Actually it could.  Look around on Google and you can find information about when people have tried to speed up their older consoles.  The games were programmed to expect very specific hardware speeds and such and when they saw different speeds, most of the games would just lock up and not play or glitch all over.  I'm not sure if this is still how the console companies approach things, but it was certainly true as recently as PS1/PS2 era.  Also, you might end up w/a...
  I don't think you understand the process of producing a new game console.  They spend millions in R&D costs and (most of the time) their new systems are not compatible with the old ones.  Console games are, by and large, written with hard coded expectations of system power to get the most out of the system.  Most home consoles are sold at a loss* and it takes years before they are making a profit from the console sales thru process shrinks and lower component costs. ...
Louisville KY STILL not targeted by Sprint.  C'mon Sprint, we are a million plus metro area and Glasgow KY gets it before us?  Seriously?
  No, I just didn't alter the bolding when I cut n pasted.
Article said: "Major scoops and rumors, both from AppleInsider and from reliable media outlets we curate news from, such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times"   By this, you don't mean Digitimes right?
  Mine is the last 10.x iTunes, 10.8.1 OS X.  I was waiting out iTunes 11 bugs that got reported as soon as it got released and 10.8.2 didn't have anything related to the ATV.  ATV is 2nd gen 720p unit.  It was doing this before either iTunes 11 or 10.8.2 came out.
What is in the new AppleTV update? I'm still having to get up and reset home sharing on my Mini about half the time I try and stream something from my library to my TV. Really want that fixed.
  As stated upthread, it is planned to be $400 and not out till 1Q2013
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