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  Entirely probable that Tim's meeting on Capitol Hill had to do with this.  http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/15/tim_cook_meets_with_us_speaker_of_house_john_boehner http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/05/28/tim_cooks_visit_to_washington_opens_doors_to_congress
  There is a difference between the operating deficit and the national debt.  The National debt is around $16T yes, but the deficit is only about $1.4T.  So selling that spectrum for $1T would wipe out most of the deficit, but it would only be a bit under 7% of the total national debt.  The national debt and deficit are not interchangeable terms
  The corporate reponsibility to America point still probably stands for Wal Mart, but they have installed solar panels on every Wal Mart to make less of a dent in the power grid.  One easy example of green that info is readily available on.
  It's Apple.  I have full confidence in the haters to find things to gripe about.  Heck, I'm a Kentucky WIldcats fan.  We dropped out of teh Top 25 this week and after 4000 comments on the article at ESPN, most of them were from people hating on or defending Kentucky.  When you're a target, you stay a target no matter what
  Talk to some guitarists sometime.  Yeah there are plenty of us that are happy to buy a Made in China Epiphone or Squier (especially the Vintage Modified line, they're pretty damn sweet.  I need a Jaguar heh), but there are tons of people who will only buy a Made in America Fender or Gibson product.  Some guitar companies have never done overseas work, like Rickenbacker.  Of course, their guitars are all at least $1800 too.
Yeah, Apple will build new manufacturing in California so our devices will all start saying "Designed and manufactured in California. Bitches" "
        Ok so now we know, but man was that FUGLY!  igriv, just use the Quote button.  Much cleaner.
double.  delete please
  The same place as Logic Pro X and any update to the iLife software?  Apple has a lot of stuff to get out the door.
I bought an Apple TV last August and I don't recall if I ever added the Applecare, altho I'm thinking I didn't.  I've been having lots of problems connecting recently and I had been attributing it to the change to the new modem/router when I jumped to 30.0 cable inet recently.  It will play one video just fine and then the next one just sit there spinning and doing nothing.  Very haphazard on when it will work and really frustrating
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