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  It will also never happen b/c you suck ass at math.  Since when is $72B half of $16T?
MS also has that reciprocal patent agreement w/Apple anyway, so they could let Apple buy out their share of that bidding group and still maintain their usage.  The other companies, yeah, a cash infusion will probably be welcome.
That ionic wind generator sounds much more plausible for phones and tablets than really small standard fans
  The Momentus is just using that SSD as cache.  The Apple Fusion solution actually shifts the most used files on a more permanent basis.  This is a consumer grade version of something that has been happening in the corporate data center for a long time, but really no one else does this at the consumer level.
What you would need to do is have both a SSD and a regular hard drive in the system, then configure them to run as the same drive and it wil be recognized as a Fusion drive.  There was a recent article about hwo to do this on ArsTechnica.  The Fusion drives are not 128GB of SSSD in a drive unit like the Momentus hybrid drives, they are separate drives that are being viewed together by the system.  I believe they may have been having to set it up w/the command line...
  I'm sorry, ARM processors are not putting out the same level of productivity as Ivy Bridge processors.  As quickly as they have been coming along, Intel has been producing some pretty big changes in their own work.  Look at what is coming with Haswell.  We will see Haswell Macs, not ARM Macs.
  Actually, that would have been Apple's worst nightmare.  Apple have spent years building up the belief that their hardware, their OS, their entire ecosystem all have their own inherent values and that when you put them all together, it's even better.  If APple had priced the iPad Mini at $199, yes they might have driven away any serious competition in the small tablet market, but they would have also been shouting from the rooftops that their product has no inherent...
  Source?    EDIT: According to Anandtech, Windows RT + Office takes up 7.3GB, which means 24.7GB is free.  Still a good chunk of your storage taken up, but not as bad as you said.   http://www.anandtech.com/show/6385/microsoft-surface-review/6
  I don't listen to podcasts, pretty much entirely music.  Back in March I flipped my phone upside down in my shirt pocket and used it like a transistor radio listening to NCAA March Madness games as I drove.  Didn't have any problems there either.  If you're really worried about hearing things well, use headphones.  I don't remember the model number on these Logitech in-ears, but they're working pretty well for me.
  There is no right to bear arms in the UK.  Also, the people bringing guns to school and killing people are fucked in the head.  It isn't the norm.         Patent trolls own patents and produce nothing, then sue people.  Apple produces products with their patents.  use the term patent troll corerctly.  It just makes you sound like a jackass when you don't.
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