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Funny my iPhone 4S can be heard from other rooms when I crank it up.  My iPad is the same.  I haven't ever had a problem w/the volume level.
  Writing.  Sound production.  Coding.  Just a few.
  Talk to Intel about that one.  Their processors have been improving, but the CPU aspects have been moving at a much slower pace than the graphical.  Which is probably the right call considering how shittastic their graphics were for ages
  The Mac Mini I would wonder how I'm seeing to type b/c it is a silver square on my desktop, not a tablet.  The iPad Mini, I would probably type email and surf better than I do on my iPhone 4S, which I do a decent amount of both on it already.   Also your measure of productivity doesn't jibe with mine.  I can plug my guitar in and using an app like Ampkit, I have amplifiers and effects pedals.  Run that into an app like Garageband or Music Studio, I can record music. ...
  icosikaidigophenia doesn't have the same ring to it tho :)
The Who beat them to it.  Quadrophenia :)     The first is condescending.  The second is attempted analysis at marketing tactics (and possibly correct).  The 3rd is a critique of the bezel design, and seemingly a rather fair one.  So yeah, only 1 of those comments really fits your statement.      Of course, they do have this past, so it now colors every comment they make in the future.  Like someone who did time for murder, people will always be looking out the corner of...
  Or trade up to a Fusion drive and the stuff you use most will be on the silent SSD part.  Everything else like music will be on the normal portion and honestly, w/other random house noises like the heat running, I never hear my normal drives.  Those 4 drives in my external are all 5400rpm.  Of course, I think they're all 32MB cache too heh.
  Yes the entry model only has the low end.  You made it sound like there were no options for higher drives and there are.  I had 2 of the drives left over from my old PC before its mobo friend.  I intentionally replaced my system w/a Mini, knowing about the lack of expandability, figuring I would do external drives later.  Would have been the same if I bought a laptop.  I don't see it as an issue.
  No.  12x Blu-Ray tops out at 432Mbit.  USB 2 tops out at 480.     http://www.apple.com/imac/specs/   So am I imagining those 3TB drives you can stick in the iMac? 3TB, 1TB Fusion or 3TB Fusion.  Sounds like decent options to me.  I have 4 2TB drives in an OWC external for 6TB of extra storage (yay raid 0+parity) and part of that is set aside for my Time Machine backups.  Apple sells externals strictly for that purpose w/Time Capsules.  If you aren't using the...
  How do they think that?  The new Retina MBP (I believe both 15 and 13") is capable of running 2 monitors via TB and another from HDMI.  Look 3 monitors!  If they can manage 3 monitors on a MBP, I don't think the new Mac Pro next year will be lacking that ability
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