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Wouldn't be the first time there has been a special processor model or GPU designed just for Apple. "Hey Intel, we like your i3, but we want you to turn on Turbo Boost on them" "Ok"
Yeah the 3.06GHz i3 has no Turbo Boost, all the other models do. That's probably fine for the lowest end model, but it does seem odd. Does the line of i3 with turbo boost go no lower than 3.2GHz? If so that would explain it, another way for Apple to differentiate the product line.Faster processors and faster graphics across the board. Not sure what percentages we will see, but the new systems will certainly be faster.Honestly the thing I'm disappointed about most in...
The Mac Pro also got 5770 and 5870 1GB cards as options. At the prices listed, they certainly aren't what I would call mainstream tho so you're probably right
Browsing the Tom's Hardware graphics card guide for comparison sake: 4670 256 Couple of steps below the 3 year old 8800GT 512 5670 512 Equal to the 3 year old 8800GT 512 5750 1GB Couple of steps above the 3 year old 8800GT 512 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/...tx,2676-7.html Glad the iMacs have better video, I just wish they were all actually better than what I've been running for 2 1/2 years at home now. I wouldn't mind an upgrade and platform switch at the...
Where is the mention of $999 for the new 27" display? I see no price mentions on the display website.
12 core starting at $5000!?!?
Where the hell did this come from? The Apple store hasn't updated the Mac Pro at all. Still shows quad and double quad Xeons. http://www.apple.com/macpro/ Coming August. May want to mention that.
Intel has claimed that the GPUs in Sandy Bridge will provide double the numbers of the current IGP they produce, and Ivy Bridge will double again in 2012. Of course, even that means that in 2012, Intel will still not be equivalent to current mid-high level graphics cards. Fusion is going to make Intel figure out WTF they are doing with graphics, at least I hope so. Their current level of capability is pitiful.I don't think that surprises anyone. Intel has its entire...
I don't think that's physically possible currently. The current PPI of the 21.5 and 27" displays respectively is 102.46 and 108.7855. To achieve 300ppi at that screen size, you would need a smidge under 7200x4050 on the 27" screen. You would need slightly more than 5600x3150 on the 21.5" screen. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Imagine trying to read anything at that size heh.
Fusion will damn sure kick Intel in the teeth when it comes to graphics performance.And IIRC, wasn't the quarter before that also a record quarter for Mac sales? They've been on a hellacious tear recently.
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