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What's "outrageously expensive" for you? What kind of specs do you want/expect from the new Mac Pro?
 Same here actually, i would love to see either a mini with a big boy GPU in it and/or a Mac Pro with consumer grade parts to keep the costs down, a top of line Quad core with a pair of AMD R9 R290X GPU's sounds amazing and would still be in my price range. Seems to make sense really, can't be the only person who wants something more powerful then an iMac without paying 5 times more money, FirePro GPU's are insanely expensive.
If the rest of you are anything like me you probably spend a big part of the year saving up to buy the stuff that invariably all gets released at the same time of the year.   This year is particularly bad for me, on top of the stuff Apple will be announcing i am getting both new consoles + games, a new camera (Sony DSC-RX100m2) and a new bag to carry all this new stuff around! The waiting is killing me!!!   I will be ordering a new Mac for sure, probably a Haswell 13"...
How is this a pro machine seriously? Not saying it is not a great computer but no discrete graphics and a dual core processor? Was at least hoping they could fit a quad core in there
Sounds about right, new iMac and Mac Mini in 4-6 weeks and a 13 inch retina for 3-4 months from now.
  The 17" is less then 2% of sales man, nothing absurd about discontinuing it.
Surprised no one else has pointed this out yet but it could still have a retina display as a build to order model, the current 15" MBP has the option for a higher resolution screen.   The specs above, the option for a retina display and i am all set
That is assuming Apple does not do the same thing to the Pro's that they did to the Air, make the the ram soldered on to the board and the hard drive a weird blade SSD and as such not something you can upgrade easily.   Not something i am hoping for (who wants to pay Apple 600$ for 16GB's of ram really?) but something i unfortunately expect, if not for the HD at least for the ram.
Wonder if this includes the mid range version with a discrete GPU or if the space is used for the graphics card
Not sure for this specific technology but SSD's in general are very reliable and have a lifespan of 10+ yearsBottom line, a normal hard drive will fail sooner then an SSDWonder if this means there will be higher capacity options available? Like a 512GB air...
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