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I'm surprised no one's figured out this is just an early warning system to protect users from the exploding battery phenomenon
Yeah! Like all those 1%'ers you gave promotional 🍏⌚️ Watches to...
They help the coroner identify the deceased - especially after a horrendously disfiguring accident or when the body's been discovered in a dumpster after 3 weeks of summer heat & humidity
I have photoshop running on the promotional version of the watch that Jony gave me a few weeks ago - I'm able to retouch photos while returning from an assignment and have them off to the client before I get back to the studio... But seriously, that data port might be used for any number of things - there's a great deal of interest and development going on in the medical community centered around using the Apple Watch as a remote monitoring device. But before it can be...
"Digital 6th Sense"? So I'm assuming the Apple Watch will alert me to the presence of dead people - or at least technologies destined for the trash heap
With the Siri add-on ClapApp (patent pending)
What everyone should do is have CVS & Rite-Aid fill their prescriptions, then when it comes time to pay try to do it with Apple pay - when you're refused, simply say "Sorry, I'll need to go somewhere else" Ring up a few hundred in groceries from Walmart - when you're refused, simply say "Sorry, I'll need to go somewhere else" and leave it all at the checkout stand. Waste some salespersons time on a big sale - when you're refused, simply say "Sorry, I'll need to go...
I have a couple of iCloud accounts - one is down, the other is up. Both accessed on the same machine and the same software. Surprisingly (or not) it seems to have taken Apple a while to show any problems on their Service Status web page
It's my understanding that the only "off contract" phones available on day 1 were the ones from T-mobile and that they were locked to TM for something like 45 days. If people were buying AT&T or Verizon phones for resale in China how were they getting around having to activate them on those carriers?
Hey finding where I parked is fine and dandy, but can't they make an App to locate a lost TV Remote ? 😬
New Posts  All Forums: