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"Digital 6th Sense"? So I'm assuming the Apple Watch will alert me to the presence of dead people - or at least technologies destined for the trash heap
With the Siri add-on ClapApp (patent pending)
What everyone should do is have CVS & Rite-Aid fill their prescriptions, then when it comes time to pay try to do it with Apple pay - when you're refused, simply say "Sorry, I'll need to go somewhere else" Ring up a few hundred in groceries from Walmart - when you're refused, simply say "Sorry, I'll need to go somewhere else" and leave it all at the checkout stand. Waste some salespersons time on a big sale - when you're refused, simply say "Sorry, I'll need to go...
I have a couple of iCloud accounts - one is down, the other is up. Both accessed on the same machine and the same software. Surprisingly (or not) it seems to have taken Apple a while to show any problems on their Service Status web page
It's my understanding that the only "off contract" phones available on day 1 were the ones from T-mobile and that they were locked to TM for something like 45 days. If people were buying AT&T or Verizon phones for resale in China how were they getting around having to activate them on those carriers?
Hey finding where I parked is fine and dandy, but can't they make an App to locate a lost TV Remote ? 😬
"Simplification" isn't a concept which Steve Jobs is entirely responsible for at Apple - It's embedded much deeper in Apple's DNA To quote Steve Wozniak: "If a computer used 20 chips, I`d try to use 10. If another system used 10, I`d try to use 4. It was an intellectual exercise, something I did because it was neat. I did it over and over until I just sort of developed a technique for looking at things in a new way."
Everyone needs to settle down here... You're beginning to sound like the doomsayers proclaiming the death of Apple when they switched over from the Motorola PowerPC to Intel chips. We all need to remember that the "Magic" is in the software and design of Apple's products - Not in how the grains of sand are arranged on the chip.
Really?When you get down to it both Steve & MJ were committed to excellence and would accept nothing less in the pursuit of their chosen fields. For Steve that was the hardware, software and the user experience of Apple's products for the end users - For MJ it was his music, concerts, videos, and the user experience (of his products) for his fans.Why's it so hard to see the commonality in that?
Since this app is "Free" and the article says it tracks context I'm just wondering where they'll be going with all this contextual data? If I pig out at Mickey D's on burgers & fries is it gonna sell that (contextual) info to my to my health insurance provider? Or worse???
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