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Sorry to say that I'm not surprised by the verbiage used by some of the posters here - they're not called fan"boys" without reason.Now if Jimmy had just said, "Sometimes people have a hard time finding the right music - Apple Music is designed to help them" we wouldn't be here making mountains out of molehills.sarcasm onSeeing as the music industry has NEVER been accused of being sexist I'm surprised his comments were as offensive as some have saidsarcasm off
I would suppose Siri might be trained to recognize this mode of hack and alert the user....   Aide, aide, je suis piraté - s'éloigner du sac à dos!   Translation: Help, help, I'm being hacked - Move away from the backpack!​
This may be a rhetorical question but:   Would the user be able to hear anything in the headphones if they were wearing them during the hack attack?   Of course if you tried to report it happening you'd be passed off as a delusional psychotic I suppose
Not sure I understand, but why are there 2 differing prices for the monthly cost of a new iPhone with the upgrade program If you look on different areas of Apple's website you get different prices for what appears to be the same phone http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone6s 16GB = 32.45 mo 64GB = 37.45 mo 128 GB = 42.45 mo while on http://www.apple.com/shop/iphone/iphone-upgrade-program 16GB = 32.41 64 GB = 36.58 128 GB = 40.75 what am I missing here?
I'm surprised no one's figured out this is just an early warning system to protect users from the exploding battery phenomenon
Yeah! Like all those 1%'ers you gave promotional 🍏⌚️ Watches to...
They help the coroner identify the deceased - especially after a horrendously disfiguring accident or when the body's been discovered in a dumpster after 3 weeks of summer heat & humidity
I have photoshop running on the promotional version of the watch that Jony gave me a few weeks ago - I'm able to retouch photos while returning from an assignment and have them off to the client before I get back to the studio... But seriously, that data port might be used for any number of things - there's a great deal of interest and development going on in the medical community centered around using the Apple Watch as a remote monitoring device. But before it can be...
"Digital 6th Sense"? So I'm assuming the Apple Watch will alert me to the presence of dead people - or at least technologies destined for the trash heap
With the Siri add-on ClapApp (patent pending)
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