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Those metal mockups look pretty cheesy indeed to have come from Apple - Could have been made up by a weekend machinist in their garage. Has anyone ever seen or have a photo of or perhaps a genuine bonafide mockup of a previous iPhone that could be used for comparison purposes? We'd all like to see it if it exists. Othwise I think their only purpose is to get more foot traffic into the vendor's booth at the HK show.
 Alternatively she will answer "It can be done in plain sight - Check out 'My Weekend at Bernies' in the iTunes Store"
 Nah, AI will never replace any of them - At least until it knows when, where, and why it shouldn't bring up or remind people of conversations, events, transgressions, etc. "from weeks, months or years prior"
Actually I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for crazy uncle Steve... He personally passed out about 400 (free) copies of Office 3.0 to a Mac user group I was a member of when he came to be a speaker at one of our meetings - Hell, we even had Bill Gates as a speaker at one time. ========== I'm assuming that I won't be able to "Edit" documents on my purchased copy of Word, but only via the subscription version - anyone know the facts?
This is all such a game to the folks in Wall Street.... Pump up the stock for 2.5 months and tell all their clients they need it have it in their portfolio... Then on record earnings & and sales tell this same clients they need to dump it ASAP (and they'll be happy to buy it back at $10 to $60 less than they sold it for) I'd like to know just how much Carl Icahn profited on Apple over the last day - as has been said, "follow the money"
Hey, I love exploring the new IOS for hidden features et al - But doesn't Apple at least have a web page or PDF file that sheds some illumination on these "Hidden" Easter eggs? Just sayin'
You can do both of those things now without unlocking the phone so I'd expect that wont change....
Has there been any info (rumors) as to how many fingers a device will be allowed to store for recognition? I mean sometimes I use my index finger, sometimes my thumb, or my wife wants to borrow the phone. Will a device be trainable for several people - I'd hope so.
Makes me wonder - since I often travel with my iPad on planes   Will I be able to partake in the in air services offered, or will that be limited only to those in Business Class or the "Rest of Us" in steerage Tourist class who opt in for a rental unit?
At least we won't need to kick around MobileMe's rollout as an example of "Not Apple's finest hour..." anymore will we? I really see the switch to Apple maps (at this time) as an example of a "What would Steve do?" mentality at Apple. If SJ were still here I can just imagine the Jobsian "Reality Distortion Field"™ going into action at the Map rollout/intro... About now he would have had the whole Maps team into his office for one of his patented "Heart to Heart"...
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