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Maybe so but airplanes have greater risks that broaden the complexity of a completely autonomous flight – namely passengers on the plane as well as people and real-estate on the ground, cost, and variables taking off and landing. I believe an airplane could easily go autonomous but these heighten risks are why humans need to be on-board and in-control. If transportation safety actually increases dramatically with autonomous vehicles, it would be a natural transition. It...
Truckers (CDL holders), taxi drivers, and the like better start preparing for a new career.
I used to eat this stuff up like chocolate Moose Tracks. It (technology) was my hope. No longer. I still get a kick out of the dreams and predictions of tech but hope solely in Jesus now. I believe this year, especially starting this September, we'll see some interesting (most likely scary) changes in the world economy and events surrounding Israel. Kurtzweil, and others, may discover soon that technology is an empty hope.
One word for you... "Hypocrite" So much for tolerance and freedom of speech or at the very least – respect of religious beliefs. Time will tell or sure, but I believe what the Supreme Court did the other week has set the stage for infringement upon religious liberties. I'm predicting more and more individuals, business owners, pastors, charities, etc. will be fined, sued, and even imprisoned for holding to their beliefs. This is quite the opposite of freedom and I'm...
It's true only if you're a Nero or Hitler wanna-be. But this is what it's coming to. Our society has abandoned and disregarded God. The few who still follow Him will be "taken care of" while others approve. Sound familiar???
GREAT comeback! /s
Sexual obsession – not becoming of any society.
More like judgement will be off the hook. Maybe not this year, but soon.
Feel the same way. I'm actually considering going back to a flip phone. Ugh.
The world has gone hyper ludicrous in avoiding offense toward anyone -- well, except Christians and maybe a few other types. If the confederate flag can be banned, then this is only the start of offenses against the 1st amendment! There are SOOOO many things more offensive than the Confederate flag! Plus, how did the confederate flag get put on trial along with Dylann Roof?? HE'S the real criminal but his offense has been hijacked into this political and constitutional...
New Posts  All Forums: