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NOT the same thing! I praise Indiana's governor. This will help good people defend themselves from militant homosexuals.These people/businesses serve gays unless it is aiding/supporting something that goes against what God has instituted. Homosexual MARRIAGE is such a thing.It's NOT an anti-gay law but protects against religious discrimination.
 Take some time to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikxb09pyZwM. This is a short version. The full video is here: https://vimeo.com/17960119 . And there's also a book called "The Case for Christ". There is compelling evidence if you study.
I'm not saying it's okay to discriminate just because a person is homosexual. This issue is specifically about marriage. I know you don't believe in or have any respect for God (though you should!), but millions do.And these millions understand He created us as the highest form of His creation (so we are extremely valued and valuable), and He made us man and woman and tells us (many times) that we were made for one another. He also called homosexuality a perversion and an...
Difference... Humans have intelligence. Additionally, there are lots of things we as humans can do but it doesn't make it right or natural (or the same as animals). A philosophy of "anything goes" is dangerous and currently leading the world down some dark paths.
This says a lot about the mentality of the liberal "progressive". If I believe homosexual behavior is not only wrong but an offense against even the basic laws of nature, I'm labeled a conservative wacko.This is the beginning of major persecution against anyone who disagrees with the liberal progressive. It's NOT a step forward but a major step backward when good people are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars or even put in jail for politely standing by their religious...
It's like everything else. We are getting crushed by taxes. I've done my taxes for years and have seen a steady increase in taxes, and manipulation of the numbers to pull more money out of us – especially with families. It's starting to become overbearing. $115/yr is not a lot by itself but add 20 other areas where taxes have increased and you have a serious burden. For example, our property taxes went up 11% two years ago, the child credit amount decreased dramatically,...
That would be too simple. The government is all about complexity and control now.
If you're a dealer or salesman, you better prepare for a new career. This won't just revolutionize the car itself, but also the way people buy cars.
 Us Christian's are just begging to be mocked and ridiculed, and possibly face imprisonment or death. Sounds like fun!  /s Persecution has been going on since the beginning of time and just now starting to hit America. Tens of thousands of Christians are currently being severely persecuted throughout the world – namely in China, Korea, Africa, India, and of course in the Mid East. Jesus promised persecution and that "the world would hate you because of me[Jesus]". Jesus,...
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