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That would be too simple. The government is all about complexity and control now.
If you're a dealer or salesman, you better prepare for a new career. This won't just revolutionize the car itself, but also the way people buy cars.
 Us Christian's are just begging to be mocked and ridiculed, and possibly face imprisonment or death. Sounds like fun!  /s Persecution has been going on since the beginning of time and just now starting to hit America. Tens of thousands of Christians are currently being severely persecuted throughout the world – namely in China, Korea, Africa, India, and of course in the Mid East. Jesus promised persecution and that "the world would hate you because of me[Jesus]". Jesus,...
It may not be worth your time, and that's fine, go ahead and scoff while keeping your head in the sand. Others could benefit from this bit of knowledge. And for the record, it's not justifying religious beliefs but rather stating specific historical facts and correlations with mathematical probabilities – which just so happens to be one more element (out of many) that adds credence to biblical truth and accuracy.
Heard that argument before but the specifics and mathematic improbability of 100s accurately coming true is impossible – unless divinely fulfilled. God keeps His promises. Period. Just look at one group of prophecies coming true in the Bible: http://www.goodnewsdispatch.org/math.html
 Nope, not a fairy tale. There are countless cases on how the Bible is proven accurate and true – from numerous archeological finds to the amazing discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, to countless prophecies that have come true (even recent ones such as Israel becoming a nation after almost 2000 years, Jerusalem being recaptured, and the Hebrew language being reborn after being lost for over a millennia). FYI... Next prophecy to keep an eye on in coming true is the...
"Education reform" Sorry Tim, but those who truly follow Christ will NEVER agree homosexuality is appropriate. It's a "slap in the face" of God and His creation. God's greatest creation was both man and woman - and, most importantly, their union that displays/represents so much of God and His character. Homosexuality is a perversion of those truths... just like adultery is a "slap in the face" of everything God intended for marriage because it perverts the love,...
Haven't had BT issues but seem to be experiencing a hoard of others:   - WiFi partial connectivity after wake (requires reboot) - Thunderbolt display won't appear unless cable unplugged from back of display (using brand new MacBook Pro - TextEdit freezes or takes an insane amount of time to find/replace items in a 1.5MB text file - 2011 iMac is now dead-in-the-water at boot-up screen (tried all manner of things from target disc-mode to run Disk Utility, to resetting...
Checkout51 (www.checkout51.com) has been doing this for a while. Not sure if Groupon will give more money, but I'm guessing not. Groupon has always been pretty greedy.
My best friend works at a major bank and said she has helped with this. They have been on a pretty tight deadline to get it done by end of summer.
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