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Awww, did he offend your little sensitive soul??
First, you misunderstand that I am not devaluing the person but the act of homosexuality. Homosexuality should not be celebrated or valued. I understand it seems by default I am devaluing the person, but in actuality it a the opposite.You say my statements are insulting, but I view you putting humans on the same level as animals as extremely insulting to the human race. Humans are MUCH more valuable than that. We are God's greatest creation because we were created "in His...
I've been mocked by some of my family members (and non-family members) who are gay, and that's for just being a Christian. I had not said anything to them or against their lifestyle. I would go to family get togethers at their house to enjoy loved ones and my gay family member would get drunk and start mocking my faith. Again, this mocking was not provoked in ANY way. I had not communicated my viewpoint to him. He did not know my viewpoint whatsoever. I did not retaliate...
Hopefully that's sarcasm. I understand people having rights, but I do not understand the celebration of deviant behavior which doesn't fit in the natural, biological science of the world.   Shame on Apple for joining in, promoting, and encouraging such a lifestyle choice (NOT genetics as some are led to believe - just look at identical twin studies).   I love people and have friends and family who are gay, but the definition of love is not acceptance of one's behavior...
A young man I know (age 16) did this Halo drawing, and other art, on his iPad mini using ProCreate. I've been pretty amazed at what he can do with his finger and an iPad... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-6BrZpfdts
Maybe the sad part is that so many of us DO understand the modern era of gaming all too well.
Not stereoscopic?
"Morons"? Typically. "Rulers"? Well, what should be remembered is they are NOT rulers but rather SERVANTS of the people!
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