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Please. He makes a perfectly valid point that he thoroughly complied by Apple's rules - working with them on both counts at issue which Apple then approved.I have been an avid Apple fan for 20 years, stock owner for 12+, but am finding, sadly, a subtle distaste for my favorite company.I'm grateful for their protected ecosystem but this is bordering on policing and disservices their customers and developers.
Saw this the day I got the iPhone 5... thought, at first it was a hardware/video issue but noticed it consistently happened in the App Store when I needed to type my password. Realized then it was a software issue. I'm sure it will be fixed soon. No worries.
Same here in Southern Virginia. Turn by turn is fantastic. I've submitted a couple errors myself. Interface to do so is simple and quick.I'm sure Apple's maps gets better every day. Be a little patient folks.
I think that's true. I just used it for navigating to a place and it is far better than a number of navigation apps I've used before (especially including Google maps).
The stupidity of this astounds me.
[OT]Why so many Obama ads on this site?? Seriously.[/OT]
  Micky Mouse is worse than an amateur?? Ouch, that hurt.
Hey, Jay... I bet you work for Microsoft and are trying to balance the negative comments on this this lame. non-existent, product!   I'm grateful for Balmer as CEO... He's done more harm to Microsoft than Apple could ever overtly or covertly produce. Love him!
Awesome -- +1
New Posts  All Forums: