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You can pay $10 for a new SIM card and use your current iPhone on T-Mobile. That's what I'm doing. But you'll need to pay early termination fees in this case.
Just dumped AT&T today for T-Mobile! I'll save about $100/mo on a 4 line family plan... and have more features and NO OVERAGES!
GQB... Are you a friggin Commie??
I'm partially with you on this as well. There are certain design aspects I like very well. But you got it right... Way too much white. Too much white is ugly, hard on the eyes, and difficult to read text (especially the thin iOS 7 text).
Wow. Complain, complain, complain. I've played quite a few racing games and this looks really great in comparison. Looking forward to this. Also don't mind the "freemium" model. If you're patient and have even a little self-control, you don't have to pay anything extra and can still have a ton of fun!
Maybe iWatch will provide the tilt??
LOL, "the paranoid". I think you need to have a perspective and history adjustment. How many governments in all of history could truly be trusted?? That's why America's founders set up such a government as ours -- which has multiple "filters" to keep governmental power in check.It's people like you who are assisting, and even promoting, the eroding away of individual freedom simply by your perspective.Placing an over-arching faith in government is dangerous. Only God is...
Here too.
Can you expound on this? First I heard Apple was already far along in the design process of the iMac before SJ.
Wow, it's the end of the world!
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