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  Micky Mouse is worse than an amateur?? Ouch, that hurt.
Hey, Jay... I bet you work for Microsoft and are trying to balance the negative comments on this this lame. non-existent, product!   I'm grateful for Balmer as CEO... He's done more harm to Microsoft than Apple could ever overtly or covertly produce. Love him!
Awesome -- +1
If Disney and HP were 9 and 10 respectfully last time, who was #8?? Is the chart wrong? Shouldn't it show Disney as #8 and HP as #9 previously or did another company loose a lot of brand value last year?
Thanks for the post frugality. (Matthew 10:32-33)
It makes perfect sense to me and I've been wanting a "curved" iPhone since I bought my 3GS, then iPhone 4. I've always thought the current model was too "blocky" and needed to curve slightly from my ear to my mouth. This will be a big hit, you wait. Apple will do it in a way that feels just right. Looking forward to it and hope the iPhone 5 is the curved model.
Well said.
LOL... Good one. ;-) Is it just me or are a vast majority on this forum liberal yips??
My profession is in 3D Visualization and a true 3D screen giving me the ability to see my 3D environment in 3D space would be a huge benefit! It would allow me to see where one object is relative to other objects in the scene. In 2D, it's very difficult to see and understand what's going on while working on a complex 3D scene. I'm sure there are 1000+ applications for this technology beyond 3D Visualization. It'll be a huge market in the near future once it becomes...
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