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LOL, "the paranoid". I think you need to have a perspective and history adjustment. How many governments in all of history could truly be trusted?? That's why America's founders set up such a government as ours -- which has multiple "filters" to keep governmental power in check.It's people like you who are assisting, and even promoting, the eroding away of individual freedom simply by your perspective.Placing an over-arching faith in government is dangerous. Only God is...
Here too.
Can you expound on this? First I heard Apple was already far along in the design process of the iMac before SJ.
Wow, it's the end of the world!
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. Successor to the AppleTV?? It may include a wearable iPod/Remote with microphone and built in Siri for AppleTV as well as the accelerometer, gyroscope, etc for games.
This is a sad day for America. God's goodness and truth continue to be pushed to the curb. It will come back to bite us in the butt - like ignoring the "Danger no smoking or open flames" at a gas station or jumping out of a plane with the belief that gravity does not exist. Foolish and deadly.
  Seriously?? I've had to lug numerous G5 and MacPro towers around. This is a VERY refreshing change and so incredibly faster than our previous 8-core MacPro! When I first saw this, it reminded me of when Apple first introduced the iMac. I am pretty floored and definitely excited. Glad Apple has put so much effort into this... and also glad they'll be assembling in the US!
Just took a look at Acorn for the first time and it looks REALLY nice! Thanks for sharing.
If paired with the new bluetooth headset, this could be awesome. My stupid cat has destroyed 10 pair of earphones between the 5 of us in our family. I refuse to buy anymore earphones until the cat is gone. If Apple comes out with a great pair of bluetooth earphones (with built-in microphone), it would solve my problem. Or I could just produce an "accident" for the cat. jk ;-)
Please. He makes a perfectly valid point that he thoroughly complied by Apple's rules - working with them on both counts at issue which Apple then approved.I have been an avid Apple fan for 20 years, stock owner for 12+, but am finding, sadly, a subtle distaste for my favorite company.I'm grateful for their protected ecosystem but this is bordering on policing and disservices their customers and developers.
New Posts  All Forums: