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Definitely looks like he's been thinking A LOT about this market. I believe he has something up his sleeve and will pull the rabbit out of the hat soon (maybe next week). ;-)
I think what Steve is really saying here is that cable companies themselves are the barrier and that Apple is in the process of innovating away from cable/satellite/etc and toward an internet-only, standards-based, "cable" company. With iTunes having such broad, world-wide, membership being fueled by Macs, iPods, iPhones and now iPads, and internet speeds continuing to rise, it's just about the perfect time to take on all cable companies everywhere. Just look at the name...
YES!!!! Been waiting for this! Sounds like an awesome direction for the AppleTV!
STILL waiting for my iPad 3G!!! Ordered over 3 weeks ago and haven't heard a peep when it'll be delivered!
I STILL can't find an iPad 3G anywhere! Anyone know where I could get one online for the regular price?? It's selling on Amazon for $200-300 more than retail!
Does anyone know where there is an iPad 3G IN STOCK?? For 2 weeks now I can't seem to get my hands on one! Checked multiple sellers but nothing is in stock. Maybe some of you know a good place to go to get the iPad 3G??
Does anyone know where there is an iPad 3G IN STOCK?? For 2 weeks now I can't seem to get my hands on one!
Are you the "Thought Police"? Where did his post go anyway?? Censored!?!? Just because his point was emphasized by a miniscule reference to current political issues? Please. Regarding the article, Adobe simply needs to innovate Flash... both in the runtime environment as well as the developer tools. It's always been one of the most difficult and unintuitive programs out there. They won't continue to have 90%+ market-share, but can still co-exist with HTML5. What they...
SOOOO True! \
I believe current skeptics will think much differently in 6-12 months when we'll understand more of how functional this iPad truly is. I predict it'll meet and/or surpass the functionality of most laptops within 12 months. Just wait. Though it's hard to see at this point in time, the iPad has HUGE potential.
New Posts  All Forums: