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[OT]Why so many Obama ads on this site?? Seriously.[/OT]
  Micky Mouse is worse than an amateur?? Ouch, that hurt.
Hey, Jay... I bet you work for Microsoft and are trying to balance the negative comments on this this lame. non-existent, product!   I'm grateful for Balmer as CEO... He's done more harm to Microsoft than Apple could ever overtly or covertly produce. Love him!
Awesome -- +1
If Disney and HP were 9 and 10 respectfully last time, who was #8?? Is the chart wrong? Shouldn't it show Disney as #8 and HP as #9 previously or did another company loose a lot of brand value last year?
Thanks for the post frugality. (Matthew 10:32-33)
It makes perfect sense to me and I've been wanting a "curved" iPhone since I bought my 3GS, then iPhone 4. I've always thought the current model was too "blocky" and needed to curve slightly from my ear to my mouth. This will be a big hit, you wait. Apple will do it in a way that feels just right. Looking forward to it and hope the iPhone 5 is the curved model.
Well said.
LOL... Good one. ;-) Is it just me or are a vast majority on this forum liberal yips??
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