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I believe current skeptics will think much differently in 6-12 months when we'll understand more of how functional this iPad truly is. I predict it'll meet and/or surpass the functionality of most laptops within 12 months. Just wait. Though it's hard to see at this point in time, the iPad has HUGE potential.
ick... that thing is ugly.
I agree. Nice end note... and made me want to check out the app. ;-) I think this qualifies as one of the best Apple ads in my opinion (at least in recent history).
I'm hoping it'll be less as well ($400-$800), but this device may be more attractive than you think. Apple has had a knack of delivering compelling devices and I believe this won't be much different. They won't just come out with your typical tablet, netbook or eBook reader. I believe this could revolutionize all of those markets if this thing will do what I think it'll do.
Who cares about Blu-ray support?!?! It'll be obsolete in a few years anyway. Apple isn't playing that game. They are pushing digital distribution and will soon offer true 1080p videos. For the time-being, I'm happy with what they offer on iTunes. Especially on my 32-inch TV. Now if I had a 60+ inch TV, it would be a different story. If 60+ TVs were the norm and the majority of users owned TVs over 60", then I would be sending Apple feedback about supporting 1080p. There...
LOL! Yeah, I think these upgrades are really nice (not perfect mind you, but very nice)! I'm seriously considering 2 of the i7's along with a Mac Mini server for my new 3D Visualization company (http://studiothought.com). I really want 16-core Mac Pros but don't quite have the budget for that right now (maybe by the time the 16-core Mac Pro is released next year, I'll have the $$).
Complain, complain, complain...
And why is Microsoft still selling Office for Mac??
Are you kidding? Do you realize that 100,000 songs represents listening to your music library 24/7 for about an entire year without repeating a song?!!? You could also buy an exotic car or a small home for that amount of $$!
Exactly! Within 6 months, these new updates that are seen as marginal will be seen as something quite different! Headlines could read something like, "Snow Leopard just made your 6-12 month old Mac brand new!". Speed increases across the board will be huge in most real-world computing scenarios. The combination between Grand Central and OpenCL will be a one/two punch. Grand Central will increase speed of any multi-core machine (most likely Intel only), while OpenCL will...
New Posts  All Forums: