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It makes perfect sense to me and I've been wanting a "curved" iPhone since I bought my 3GS, then iPhone 4. I've always thought the current model was too "blocky" and needed to curve slightly from my ear to my mouth. This will be a big hit, you wait. Apple will do it in a way that feels just right. Looking forward to it and hope the iPhone 5 is the curved model.
Well said.
LOL... Good one. ;-) Is it just me or are a vast majority on this forum liberal yips??
My profession is in 3D Visualization and a true 3D screen giving me the ability to see my 3D environment in 3D space would be a huge benefit! It would allow me to see where one object is relative to other objects in the scene. In 2D, it's very difficult to see and understand what's going on while working on a complex 3D scene. I'm sure there are 1000+ applications for this technology beyond 3D Visualization. It'll be a huge market in the near future once it becomes...
Yes... exactly!! May have been a joke, but possibly spot-on.
Yes, I completely agree. As soon as I used the App Store on my iPod Touch and then iPhone, I was wishing for the same for the Mac. This will sell more apps, bring in more money for developers (and Apple), and provide a great service to end-users. Even if Mac developers keep the price of their apps the same but give 30% to Apple, they will most-likely bring in more $$ by benefiting in potentially increased visibility ("free" advertising) and distribution savings while...
Remember, it's STREAMING... Two minute QuickTime in 5 minutes???? I have a 1Gb, $24.95/mo, internet connection and can start watching TV shows in about that timeframe (5 min). Full length movies take about 15-20 minutes to be able to start watching but still, for a 1Gb internet connection, that's pretty good.Now of course, I'm NOT talking about HD, but 5 minutes to start watching a 2 minute QT movie? You must have dial-up or at best, ISDN. ;-)
Not if you don't have cable (like me). I've gone without cable for about 6-7 years now and have been using the internet for news/info and AppleTV (for about 3 years now) for TV/Movies. Can't stand all the waste and trash that's on cable. AppleTV allows us to pick only what we want. Bravo Apple for this update. Keep it up! Add more networks, Apps and GameCenter one day and this'll kill every other competitor!
I hope the stinkin' thing has a power button! The current AppleTV freezes often and needs to be rebooted. Unplugging and plugging the power back in is SO anti-Apple.
Yoko... Who cares?
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