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So, Microsoft should lay off 50% of their workforce and see MSFT shares shoot up over 20%. Winning.
So, the folks using iPads to take photos / videos don't give a flying fsck what you nor anyone else thinks about how they look. They're just getting things done. Big whoop, so it looks "stupid" to your eyes. I imagine Ansel Adams looked goofy carrying around those large box cameras, too.
All prices I see are always "points", so let's drop the points part of "price points" and just say "price". That way the header could read "alongside full one-year Apple warranties at aggressive prices". Sounds way better to my ear.
 Like Apple creating the iPhone because of something Sumsang did or was doing? 
 Definitely confusing.
Because Apple is held to completely different standards by the financial sector. Just about everything good one hears about Apple is discounted by Wall Street. But if Bilderbergers Bezos or Schmidt fart, it's BUY, BUY, BUY!!!
 This was a conference of counselors, many of whom are not tech-savvy. There were a lot of iPads around - it just so happened the folks with whom I was seated had faux iPads. Two of the six people at the head table had MacBooks, which I was happy to see, and I saw one of HP's ripoffs of the MBA, made me want to gag. 
 My original iPhone was far more responsive than the faux iPad clunkers my seat mates had. I was truly amazed at how terrible their devices functioned / didn't function.
 I attended a conference this past weekend, and each person on either side of me had some sort of Sumsang faux-iPad device. I had my iPad "3". We were all looking at an 80+page PDF, and I was amazed how glitchy and laggy those Sumsang Andwoid devices were, while I was able to scroll and flick the document with ease on my iPad 3. Both persons had to constantly repeat gestures to get their faux iPads to respond. I wanted to ask them why in the world they chose those devices...
It's important to remember these "price targets" are next to meaningless, but I do expect AAPL to be worth considerably more at the end of the year than it is now.
New Posts  All Forums: