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I like to tinker with individual transistors, resistors, and capacitors. Why can't I fiddle with the sub-components in the Apple Penci? 
Yes, indeed.
   Exactly !
Adobe stop acting like Adobe.
Talk about *snappier* !
So, according to the "mystics" on Wall Street, in order to keep AAPL priced at its Friday close, Apple needed to report 15M in sales. Yeah, right. Wall Street is run by the crookedest of crooks.
Sorkin apology: "I'm sorry Tim Cook screwed up."
OK, I trust your opinion, because I don't follow gaming...at all.  Time to talk family and friends out of buying Sony, too.  Thanks for the info.
Though this is a ripoff of Apple, I can't get all that angry about Sony - it's the goobers (I'm being extremely polite) at Sungscam whom I despise. Over the past couple of years, I've talked two families in my extended family out of buying Sungscam washer / dryer sets. It feels great to deprive them of revenue.
Having not seen the film, but having heard about it, I believe you're right. It's clear to me Gibney's intentions by the way they photoshopped the photo of Steve to make him look sinister. Anything to make a buck - that's our media's way of doing things!
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