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One of those downloads was mine . . . soon to be deleted, 'cause I ain't gonna pay MS $99 a year when I already have iWork. If Office was sold rather than rented, I might reconsider.
Dan, thanks for rowing your canoe up and over bullshit mountain.
Time for Bilderberger Bezos to sic the DoJ on Apple . . . again!
I've programmed four fingers, saving a slot for my wife to program one finger, and TouchID has worked great for me, no fade and works on the first time 99% of the time. The only time it doesn't work on my initial attempt is when my finger's wet / dirty. 
Looks nice! Go %uF8FF!
We can expect no less than cheating from manufacturers when their entire Android borg is based upon theft and deceit.
If I were Apple, I'd give AT&T the scraps. At our local AT&T store they do their best to hide the iPhones and iPads they have on display. And AT&T employees push Samscum and Android onto everyone who walks in the door. AT&T also installs the heaviest and bulkiest anti-theft bricks onto the back of iPads and iPhones, making it virtually impossible to get a feel for their weight (lack thereof) and feel. I have to believe this is their deliberate attempt to marginalize Apple...
"%uF8FF" was supposed to be the Apple logo.
A larger iPad form factor is inevitable. Can't wait to see what %uF8FF unveils.
OMG, Gene Munster's gonna jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge!
New Posts  All Forums: