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Yeah, I know. It's odd how we who live in a country that lives and breathes competition, yet when it comes to competition for high-speed Internet, we're SOL. 
Time Warner is the only game in town where I live, and their employees act like it. Why, oh why can't we have competition???!!!
Cortana sounds like it should be a type of leather. 
They can return the watch if they're not happy with it.
Still, the line from "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?", Even "The Color Guard is colored."
Then how in the world did you end up here reading and posting about Apple Watch?  Why aren't you spending your time and energy reading Tattooinsider?
 So, what good are tattoos?
Nope. Apple Watch may not read certain ink in tattoos. Reads through dark skin just fine.
Face it folks, tattoos are not a good idea.
Yeah, you deserved a smiley face for that definition. Clever. You are the first person on this site to comment on my username. Granted, I don't post a lot, but I thought surely someone would notice it at some point. 
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