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Indeed, it is still listed for sale. The gist of the article is that going forward the Mac Pro may be not be updated. I can see Apple continuing to manufacture today's models for quite some time and eventually putting it to sleep down the road. I don't like that option, but I can see why Apple might do so. They only have so much time, attention, and resources, and they're getting into a lot of stuff lately. 
According to the following page, it's looking as though the Mac Pro team has been disbanded - Apple does not include the MP in its "portrait" of the Mac family now. I sure hope these folks are wrong, but it does look a tad gloomy for the MP. http://architosh.com/2015/09/apples-latest-mac-family-portrait-missing-mac-pro/
Go-ogle can go suck on a beet for all I care.
And in other news, the US DoJ is prosecuting Apple because of Bezos' decision to fire engineers working on phones. 
Alphabet, Inc.'s motto: Don't Be Demonic
This goober's prediction of iPhone sales reported in July's quarterly earnings report was 54 million, which set up actual sales of 47 million to appear 'disappointing'.    He's one of the many "analysts" who take one data point and extrapolate.    Goober.
Ain't there some big military exercise taking place?! We had our mobile phone service cut off for a day in Central Twxas the other day.
One would think it would be risky to blatantly steal IP, too, but that didn't stop them.
Dan's articles are not perfect, but they are the best in-depth articles related to Apple and its role in the tech world. 
Right you are! The Chevette was GM's answer to the VW Rabbit, and a poor answer at that.So, they should resurrect the Vega, another example of GM's exquisite designs.
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