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Maynard G. Krebs?
I steer family, friends, acquaintances away from purchasing anything and everything branded with the Samsung name.
Or just take care of the cables so they are not abused. My iPhone 5s is now nearly 18 months old, and the cable that came with it works and looks just like it when it was new out of the box. This is true of all the cables I have from various iPad and previous iPhones. They last if one takes halfway decent care of them. 
My reviews are. My wife and I have used iPhones since the original 2G, and 3GS, 4, 4S, 5s. In all that time and using many cables, they've all held up fine. And like I stated, we treat our Apple products as though we paid good money for them and care about them so they last. We don't treat cables as bailing wire, and we don't throw our iPhones and iPads around like I sometimes see others doing. As for another poster saying Apple's cables 'fall apart' after a few months, I...
In at least ten years of dealing with cables for Apple notebooks, iPhones, iPads, I've never had one fail or give me a moment's grief. But I treat cables as relatively delicate devices, i.e., when wrapping the cables around power bricks, iPhones, I make certain the portion that attaches to the device is as straight as possible with as little tension on the cable. That's all it takes, along with using the connector to plug / unplug the cable.  Sure, Apple could ship their...
For the life of me, I can't locate Advanced > Lock north up, nor anything similar
*Yaaaawwwnnn*   This again?!
Oh, great, now we'll be inundated by comments about "Mac-Pro-graphics-card-gate". Eeeesh. 
Yeah, give this to people involved in one of the biggest overblown "news" stories of the year. Sheesh.   "Time" is not worth the pulp it's printed on. 
Thanks, Dan, for spreading the good news.
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