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Right you are! The Chevette was GM's answer to the VW Rabbit, and a poor answer at that.So, they should resurrect the Vega, another example of GM's exquisite designs.
It's time for Chevy to resurrect the Chevette and add CarPlay. 
Uh, oh, here comes 'thickness-gate'.
Kevin Lynch, not Peter. And he did an excellent job. You might want to watch something else.
What about Katie Cotton???!!!
There are at least four copies of this article up on your site, AI.
Yeah, I know. It's odd how we who live in a country that lives and breathes competition, yet when it comes to competition for high-speed Internet, we're SOL. 
Time Warner is the only game in town where I live, and their employees act like it. Why, oh why can't we have competition???!!!
Cortana sounds like it should be a type of leather. 
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