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Jared, I agree completely.  The local AT&T store does everything in their power to denigrate iPhones and iPads.  They put  products as far away from the front door as possible and push Samescum's angry green trashcan Scheiße.  I went to this store the other day to get a look-see with the new iPad Air, and AT&T put the biggest, ugliest, heaviest anti-theft device imaginable on the back of their display units, making it impossible to get a real feel for how light iPads are....
It's about time someone called these buffoons out on their ridiculously misinformed predictions and commentary.  Anyone who's followed Apple through the years knows Joe Wilcox will bend his thought-pretzels into any shape needed to spell 'Apple sucks'.  On the surface, Munster appears to be somewhat better, but he's not.  His commentary and predictions often lead to the same results the Joe Wilcoxes of the world by making goofy, incorrect predictions and such, which when...
Dan, thanks for the insight and deeper understanding of what Apple has just done by developing the 5c and 5s.
This 'story' arrives just as predicted !
I think this is a rumor gone rogue.
I'm waiting for Piece of Shit Sandwich.
Hey, monobazus, no harm, no foul !
Jim Dalrymple at LoopInsight.com has just confirmed the 23rd, so BOOM!
I never buy my iPhones from AT&T, even though they are my carrier, especially after hearing how they are pushing customers to buy Android phones.  
Apple doesn't sell "MACS" - they sell Macs, short for Macintoshes, not an acronym.  
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