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John Gruber is very careful about everything he posts. I heard him say a few years ago he likes to control every pixel on his site. He wouldn't post this comment without knowing something. 
Or you could wait for my 'oink' or squeal.
Hey, Apple,    What about giving us in Desdemona, Texas, some love?
This is exciting !!!!   /s
 I don't know much about "shorts" when it comes to trading, but I do understand the shorts need AAPL to be below $96 tomorrow, so voilà!  It's amazing how this happens.
I've shared before, I take great pleasure in steering people away from buying Scamsung's products, e.g., informing my in-laws about Scamsung's total lack of ethics, which resulted in them changing their minds and buying an LG washer and dryer set, instead of the Scamsung models they were prepared to purchase. Did this hurt Scamsung much? No...BUT I sure felt good knowing I was making a difference, even if a small one. Scamsung, may your bilges fill with putrid waters, may...
 Mars??? You've got to be kidding. After the Apollo missions, we've never been more than a few hundred miles above Earth, nowhere close to reaching the moon, never mind Mars.
So, Microsoft should lay off 50% of their workforce and see MSFT shares shoot up over 20%. Winning.
So, the folks using iPads to take photos / videos don't give a flying fsck what you nor anyone else thinks about how they look. They're just getting things done. Big whoop, so it looks "stupid" to your eyes. I imagine Ansel Adams looked goofy carrying around those large box cameras, too.
All prices I see are always "points", so let's drop the points part of "price points" and just say "price". That way the header could read "alongside full one-year Apple warranties at aggressive prices". Sounds way better to my ear.
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