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I think this is a rumor gone rogue.
I'm waiting for Piece of Shit Sandwich.
Hey, monobazus, no harm, no foul !
Jim Dalrymple at LoopInsight.com has just confirmed the 23rd, so BOOM!
I never buy my iPhones from AT&T, even though they are my carrier, especially after hearing how they are pushing customers to buy Android phones.  
Apple doesn't sell "MACS" - they sell Macs, short for Macintoshes, not an acronym.  
One of the all-time dumbest commercials ever.  WTFrigidaire ????
Iced tea spit all over my monitor.  Thanks, Tallest Skil.
Let's see what Tim and Co. have to say about this quarter's results.     I see the trolls are out.  Oh, well....
The NYT has clearly made it their mission to create and spread the "Apple-is-evil" meme.     As "Tallest Skil" notes, reality does not have anything to do with what the "media" writes.  They are on their mission, facts be damned.
New Posts  All Forums: