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 Yeah, some people obviously need drama in their lives. How about let's see what Apple introduces and go from there. 
More background noise from the rumorsphere.
Intuit continues to piss on Mac users.    Pfft.
WT fornicate?
 Yes, I noticed Daniel hasn't posted anything in awhile. His writings are the best thing on AI.
John Gruber is very careful about everything he posts. I heard him say a few years ago he likes to control every pixel on his site. He wouldn't post this comment without knowing something. 
Or you could wait for my 'oink' or squeal.
Hey, Apple,    What about giving us in Desdemona, Texas, some love?
This is exciting !!!!   /s
 I don't know much about "shorts" when it comes to trading, but I do understand the shorts need AAPL to be below $96 tomorrow, so voilà!  It's amazing how this happens.
New Posts  All Forums: