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Thanks, Dan, for spreading the good news.
Result of shakeup > more bandaid-textured phone cases made out of plastic.
 I was thinking the exact same thing. 
No kidding !  And there are many people like me who have completely ditched Google. 
Thanks, Daniel, I appreciate the frequent updates documenting the progress on Apple's donut. It looks like concrete has been poured on approximately half of the basement floor. When this project is complete, it is going to be one of the most amazing buildings in the world. Wow!
Informative review, Dan. Thanks.
 To my thinking, Bezos has been green-lighted by the oligarchs who attend Bilderberg to use Amazon to crush brick and mortar stores, collect and accumulate personal information about Amazon's customers, make little-to-no profit, and be rewarded with ridiculously high stock prices for AMZN.
 Bezos is an insider in secret meetings with the top banksters, CEO's, royalty who meet yearly, and yet the mainstream, corporate media barely makes a peep.  Duckduckgo "Bilderberg" and edumicate yourself. 
 Yes, Bezos has been a frequent attendee of the annual Bilderberg conference, along with Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Craig Mundie (of MS), et al.
Poor little Bilderberger Bezos. WPOS.
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