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One of the all-time dumbest commercials ever.  WTFrigidaire ????
Iced tea spit all over my monitor.  Thanks, Tallest Skil.
Let's see what Tim and Co. have to say about this quarter's results.     I see the trolls are out.  Oh, well....
The NYT has clearly made it their mission to create and spread the "Apple-is-evil" meme.     As "Tallest Skil" notes, reality does not have anything to do with what the "media" writes.  They are on their mission, facts be damned.
There are some who believe Apple is "freezing the market" by making the announcement of new MPs and iMacs for next year.  They'd never have done this back when the Mac platform was the only "leg on the stool".  Now, with iPads and iPhones selling like proverbial hotcakes, they can afford to suffer the consequences of making this announcement...and provide a comfort zone for MP and iMac users.     I can't wait to see what  creates.   Oh, and one more thing,...
I've had an original iPad since Day One, 3 April 2010, and have used it at least two hours / day...until I received my new iPad on 16 March this year. Now, just for comparison's sake, I occasionally fire up the original to see how it feels after using the new one. The screen alone makes the (3) worth it, with sharper than sharp images and text, and deeper / richer colors. One has to see it to fully appreciate it, and one has to use the new iPad for quite some time to...
Oh, geeeeez, here we go again. I received my new iPad (3rd gen.) Friday and have been using at least two hours / day, and I'm seeing no difference whatsoever in Wifi connectivity between the new one and my original iPad. The iHaters are out in full force yet once again. My new iPad is a tremendous leap forward from both the original iPad and iPad 2 - the retina display is phenomenal. Try as I may to get close enough to see pixelation, I cannot do so. Images...
Wow, I thought I was going pretty danged far out on the proverbial limb when I predicted 3-4 million iPads sold during the first weekend. The sales curve of the iPad is greater than iPhone. Whoa!
Me likes your ideas, Shogun.
I think the new iPad is going to be called 'iPad DH' in honor of the American League.
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