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No upgrade pricing? Pbbbllllltt.
And we know IDC has a terrible record when it comes to everything Apple.
In addition to the flubber casing, I'm hoping for an Apple Watch case made from recycled Ford Pinto bumpers.
I'm waiting for the anodized flubber %uF8FFWatch.
Bravo, Dan. This is great writing.
Imagine Apple's upside if Judge Koh didn't allow Sungsam's theft of Apple's IP and trade dress.
Whatever you do, Tim, don't mention the war.
Like you, I have a long history with Apple (25 years), and I find Daniel's pieces over the years to be informative, direct, humorous, and well-written.  I continue to be impressed with breadth and depth of Daniel's knowledge about the computer tech field, and also like you, his writings are the primary reason I read AI.  For those who don't like Daniel's postings, I suggest they read Rob Enderle's writings. He'll give them what they want.
I get tired of reading such criticisms and put-downs of Daniel's writings. If you don't like what he writes, don't read it. My take is folks like you call articles such as this one "puff pieces" because they stand in contrast to the mostly idiotic criticisms and hit pieces published by people at CNET and the like.  I say if you want to offer Daniel constructive criticism, contact him privately, instead of throwing things out for everyone to see. 
New Posts  All Forums: