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Nope. Apple Watch may not read certain ink in tattoos. Reads through dark skin just fine.
Face it folks, tattoos are not a good idea.
Yeah, you deserved a smiley face for that definition. Clever. You are the first person on this site to comment on my username. Granted, I don't post a lot, but I thought surely someone would notice it at some point. 
Why O why would anyone install Chrome on their Mac?    I work hard to stay out of the Go-ogle Borg Collective.
At 2:05 am CDT Friday, I ordered two space gray sports with black bands, one, a 42mm for me and the other, a 38mm for my wife. We went to the Apple Store at La Cantera, San Antonio, Saturday and tried a few Apple Watches on. We concluded we'd made the right choice for both of us. I tried a Milanese Loop band, and I must say, it is slick and attractive. My impression was the watches are smaller than photos indicate. The 42 is the perfect size for my wrist and is thinner...
4 to 6 weeks for both Sport sizes for me.
You got that right!
How right you are. 
Gotta give Craig Federighi and Co. credit - this build, like the previous one, has made my Mac snappier even while it's still downloading. VAVOOM!
Perhaps the supposed 6S is the only model with enough space inside to house the Force Touch hardware.
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