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File-system-check Bilderberger Bezos.
In addition to its lying and thieving ways, Samsung is good at projecting.
Besides "taps" is what Skull and Bones does when they select new members. Ick. How about 'selects', 'chooses', 'picks' instead? Leave 'tapping' to the secret society creeps.
There's been a cumulative effect caused by the Browettization of Retail, lack of dedicated leadership once Browett departed, and all the (false) negative news spread about Apple, e.g., NYT disinfo, Mike Daisey, etc.
 Point taken. I like Daniel's "you're-wrong-here's-why" approach to writing about Apple. It is powerful and serves as an antidote to the senseless drivel that flies around the so-called 'news media' like monkey shit at a zoo. 
Nothing but one man's opinion. If you don't like Daniel's writing, don't read it.
GooGoo, no matter what you put out there, I'm not using it. 
Indeed, Ms. Ahrendts is huge deal for Apple, more so than most people realize. Retail, sad to say, has suffered a lot since Ron Johnson departed. This news has to give the Retail employees a big boost.
The big news is Angela Ahrendts joining the Apple team next week. BOOM !
But I, a stock anal-cyst, was expecting 23 million Mac Pros alone. WTF?
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