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 My original iPhone was far more responsive than the faux iPad clunkers my seat mates had. I was truly amazed at how terrible their devices functioned / didn't function.
 I attended a conference this past weekend, and each person on either side of me had some sort of Sumsang faux-iPad device. I had my iPad "3". We were all looking at an 80+page PDF, and I was amazed how glitchy and laggy those Sumsang Andwoid devices were, while I was able to scroll and flick the document with ease on my iPad 3. Both persons had to constantly repeat gestures to get their faux iPads to respond. I wanted to ask them why in the world they chose those devices...
It's important to remember these "price targets" are next to meaningless, but I do expect AAPL to be worth considerably more at the end of the year than it is now.
Who in their right mind would trust Guugle...with anything important?!
File-system-check Jeff Bezos.
If Apple were naming the next version of OS X after places in New Mexico, we could be using OS X Truth or Consequences, just rolls right off the tongue.
 Almost anywhere but the corporate-controlled mass media. 
 I care, because though you may not get your news from the media, many people all over the world still do. The media continues to exert great power to direct and control what constitutes "news", no matter whether or not you and I pay attention to it. That affects us all. 
 I agree with what you wrote, except for your first paragraph. 
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