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You got that right!
How right you are. 
Gotta give Craig Federighi and Co. credit - this build, like the previous one, has made my Mac snappier even while it's still downloading. VAVOOM!
Perhaps the supposed 6S is the only model with enough space inside to house the Force Touch hardware.
Having unpackaged numerous ( > 8 iPhones and iPads), I've never even come close to dropping / damaging any of the devices while opening their respective boxes. This is a total non-issue. 
Apple cannot idiot-proof everything. Why in the world would someone open a box containing their $800 handheld computer in such a manner that it could become damaged?!
Downloading the public beta right now. My Mac's snappier even though the update isn't even installed yet. Wow.
No upgrade pricing? Pbbbllllltt.
And we know IDC has a terrible record when it comes to everything Apple.
In addition to the flubber casing, I'm hoping for an Apple Watch case made from recycled Ford Pinto bumpers.
New Posts  All Forums: