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Just get rid of the stupid red dot on the second hand and it looks like every grade school clock i ever saw, problem soved..
If Alpine has a aftermarket car stereo coming for $500 it won't be long before you can get a Kenwood or sony for $199, iv been holding off on a new head unit for my '86 Toyota 4x4. Can't wait...
Cry me a river. If you're have extra income to invest in the stock market and you let stock prices affect how much you enjoy Christmas then you have a problem, lol.
So now people are calling apple a patent troll? I thought that term was reserved for the companies that sue even tho they have no product or intention of ever making one?
Double post sorry:\
I love using AirPlay and home sharing with my apple tv I also have an air port express hooked up for audio with out the tv on. However home sharing seems to be broken on iOS 6. When I try to load my iMac iTunes library on my 4s it wont load most of my music. It still works for my old 3GS and my iPad I both running ios5. Does everyone have this problem?
I don't care too much about the details but I am waiting for the model refresh to get a new iMac. A screen resolution upgrade sounds like a great improvement to me. For my kind of use I don't really care (much) if it's faster than my old one, ya that's nice but kind of expected too. Apple knows if your going to sell an all-in-one it better have a great looking screen and good sound too. Can't wait but I gotta save up just a little more $$ too…
I wonder if that makes the old 3GS I don't use anymore more valuable ?
Damit, I'm still trying to to tell my self I'm happy with my first gen that I got on day one, but it seems like the text looks blurrier every time I read one of these articles! Is it just me?!…
[Given that Apple has dropped the numbered naming system for the new iPad, pundits now anticipate that Apple will also adopt its simplified naming scheme for the iPhone as well, potentially calling a new handset just "iPhone."] To me this makes sense for the iPad ( similar to MacBook and iMac ) but not for the iPhone, especially considering three different models are available.
New Posts  All Forums: