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I didn't say white chick? And if you not a chick then I wasn't talking about you obviously.
Hey I'm 46, might be to late to grow up. Just to clarify though I only ment this post in a positive way. I think the white MacBook was awesome for Apple, OSX, and the people who loved them. Sorry about your easily offended wife but my definition of the word chick is an young attractive carefree woman. What does chick mean to you? I think this machine will be awesomly popular and people will love it. I've been using apples since the Apple II, and we had a 512k Mac when I...
Remember when every 20-30 something chick had a white MacBook to manage digital photos and do email? That's what I see here all over again, yes the second gen and a price drop will help but that's where I see this going.
Compression!? Once you compress it it's not really 4k video anymore, right? I would think uncompressed 720 would probably be as good as 4k compressed to a reasonable size. Iam I wrong here?
The hard part for me will be holding out for the second gen model, but that's my plan. If lots of people are thinking the same it good be a good sign for the long term prospects of the device.
Dick applebaum, believe it or not I grew up with folded horns in the corners of my living room, the kliphhorn is an incredible speaker! (A Phase Linear amp too ๐Ÿ˜ƒ). Thanks dad for the memories... And gator guy a two inch tweeter is to big, not to small.
Umm what is making any one think a little mono aural settup like this would sound good?
And then a two inch tweeter, I don't think hi fidelity is what this product is about.
I always chuckle when I hear about a two and a half inch woofer...that thing ain't gonna shake the house that's for sure๐Ÿ˜„
My wife fricken hates it when I miss a message or call from her because my phone is in the other room or not on my person for whatever reason. That is why I know I will have one by generation two im gonna guess....
New Posts  All Forums: