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Seems like I heard way too much of her last album just over conventional (fm) radio in cars or out and about. I don't care much for her stuff. I bet I'll hear more than I want to of this next album. On a different subject it almost seems from the comments above that to some people a "CD" is a collection of songs (an album) and to some it means the physical optical disk version of the album. How many people that haven't bought a CD in years still say "Hey, did you heat so...
I want one but I think the 2nd generation is the one to wait for. Seems odd they left out the 3D Touch to me.
Not ready for prime time,lol. The first gen iPhone was far from perfect. The difference with Apple is you can be confident they are constantly working to make it better. Apple Music has lots of problems too but a few versions in and it will be much better I'm sure.
I think dansanman is just trolling you guys. He can go invent a new controller if he even has a half formed idea of what he is talking about...
Glad I got mame4all during the couple days it was on the App Store for iOS %uD83D%uDE0E%uD83D%uDE1C
The first iPhones were aluminum not polycarbonate. It wasn't till the second iPhone (3G) that they used the polycarbonate rear shell.
You really think a person with a iPhone should carry an iPod too, I don't believe you really that think that 😄 I think your just being snarky. Does an iPod do anything that an iPhone won't? I don't think so...
For some, my brother for example, the bright colors are great, I do think they are pleasant shades. Some of us just do better with more basic colors.
How about more basic colors, navy blue, basic red, forest green, sunshine/lemon yellow... You know colors adults like to wear? So far black and white are nice but the other sport colors are not for me anyway (I'm old, 46).
Looks like music added through Apple Music does not get the option to shuffle all songs from all albums of one artist. But if all the albums are added via iTunes/iMac then the shuffle button is available.
New Posts  All Forums: