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Dick applebaum, believe it or not I grew up with folded horns in the corners of my living room, the kliphhorn is an incredible speaker! (A Phase Linear amp too ๐Ÿ˜ƒ). Thanks dad for the memories... And gator guy a two inch tweeter is to big, not to small.
Umm what is making any one think a little mono aural settup like this would sound good?
And then a two inch tweeter, I don't think hi fidelity is what this product is about.
I always chuckle when I hear about a two and a half inch woofer...that thing ain't gonna shake the house that's for sure๐Ÿ˜„
My wife fricken hates it when I miss a message or call from her because my phone is in the other room or not on my person for whatever reason. That is why I know I will have one by generation two im gonna guess....
Just get rid of the stupid red dot on the second hand and it looks like every grade school clock i ever saw, problem soved..
If Alpine has a aftermarket car stereo coming for $500 it won't be long before you can get a Kenwood or sony for $199, iv been holding off on a new head unit for my '86 Toyota 4x4. Can't wait...
Cry me a river. If you're have extra income to invest in the stock market and you let stock prices affect how much you enjoy Christmas then you have a problem, lol.
So now people are calling apple a patent troll? I thought that term was reserved for the companies that sue even tho they have no product or intention of ever making one?
Double post sorry:\
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