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We've discussed this and I can see that my wife needs an iPad too, but I won't be getting two iPads immediately. I think will get one now, and next-gen later. Perfect strategy, I think hahah :-)
I realized I am not actually interested in a camera on the iPad, since I will be getting a new iPod touch for this purpose. Another thing is, November is 2-2.5 months from now, and then you add 1-2 months after that until the iPad appears in my country. Should I wait and spend 4-5 months without an iPad, while I can change my life a bit earlier? Don't think so. Still inclined to get one next week.
Marvin, this makes perfect sense, thank you very much for the explanation!
Sorry, but I am not quite getting it... Steve Jobs clearly showed that HDR is meant for the camera to shoot three photos with different exposures, then the HDR would process into a single one.
Hey all! Apple's going to add HDR support for iPad in iOS 4.2. However, I am wondering, what use will it be on the iPad which has no camera? Same question goes for earlier iPod touch models. Thanks for any advise!
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