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I love all this talk about rednecks and posers, that use 17" machines, and how they are so heavy. This is my 3rd 17" MBP and I spend 95%+ per year on the road all over the world, it's 6 pounds sure there are lighter laptops but give me a f'ing break it's 6 pounds, most american need a heavier laptop, its the only exercise some of my IT peers get. Now why do I like the 17? well lets see the screen for my huge architectural drawings, flow charts to name a few I'm an...
No idea what they will do with the next round, I just hope they have a 17". I travel all the timedespite the size / weight I really like to have the screen for doing my Visio drawings, watching movies, and gaming all though I don't game much. Over all I see the 17 as a desktop replacement which I'm fine with. Where as i only use my DVD burner a few times a year mostly to burn backups in the middle east, it would be nice to have a full function laptop at least one more gen...
Just wanted to let people know the following applications do not work. 1). VMware 4.1.x 2). Parallels 7.xx 3). Lotus Notes 8.5.3 will not install but it works if it was already installed on Lion. These are the only challenges for me far, the preview runs rather well.
This is good news indeed I have planned on purchasing Logic for sometime but could not justify the cost. The new price point make this very attractive but I find myself wondering what is missing. Logic Studio had 47 some odd gigs of media, and samples; so far i have seen a few references to 20 gig worth of additional content with Mainstage where is everything else? Could someone that has procured this and Mainstage chime in here and let me know if they pruned anything...
Okay I know these are just bumps but would be really nice if they had upgraded bluetooth to 4.0. Just seems strange with everything else getting it. After I can't see them releasing anything new in this area till at least March or April next year.
You can get two 8 GIG SODIMMs that will work in the 2011 MBPs from Newegg for about $420. Hopefully they will keep falling in price $420 is still a bit much for 16 gig I'd like to see it around 150-200.
I think I found it.. I don't know if you can make a monitor a thunder bolt device. It's currently a Display port device, so you are limited to 1 or 2 display ports per controller depending on how it's configured. The new macbook pros handle two one of which is the internal display from what Apple states. "Thunderbolt Technology Possibilities With Thunderbolt products, performance, simplicity and flexibility all come together. Users can add high-performance features to...
I read something from Intel that stated that the display had to be at the end of the chain and it wasn't to do with lack of daisy chain points. Something to do with the bandwidth, I'm still looking for the article.
From what I have read I do not believe you can chain a display. All indications seem to point to the display having to be the last in line. Would be nice to have a second port but not sure that can be done. Only time will tell.
I wasn't suggestion removing USB but rather to run USB via the thunder bolt / mini display port, thus reducing the cables from the monitor by one.
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