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Tr0lls suck arse..
Building in an iSight would not be a good thing. May be they can come up with a better mounting system! I noticed that even when I adjust my isight it still looks down on me instead of at me. Also the stickie pad scares me too I thought I was going to break my display when I had to pull it off to adjust the location of mount.
this of course is a dumb question but what is the new chip in the G5 that lets you use Fiber in/out? Is it the same as the old machines, or did they add some thing new? I would hope since the iMac is a game/Home type machine that they would bring some kind of Fiber or 5.1 sound to it for EAX support. Games are the one thing the mac needs more of to help grow the market.
The G5 was Omega or something like that... There were postings on the codenames of iSight and soundtrack I believe.
I really like VPC 6.02 I use it on my macintosh for Windows 2000 stuff. I wish the Ethernet was faster than 10 mbit because I use it as a ghost server. Running Visual Studio 2003 EA on it is not too bad on a Dual 1.25. I hope that the G5 brings better performance right now it is a little pokey but it's not too bad. Maybe Microsoft has a plan of getting rid of Mac OS software other than VPC and will make VPC a really good product. This way they can have one code base for...
I wish Apple would Allow you to by replacement mount pads. I'm getting 2 new 23" Apple HD Displays and I'm selling my current 23" to a friend so i can buy the new ones with my Dual G5 that way they are covered under apple care. How ever in removing the mount I'm afraid it will not mount correctly when it goes on one of the new ones. the only other option I have is to sell it with the display
Left for error margin it's a tolrance thing. lLet's make it %99.9 Stable...
Is there an Uninstaller in OS X? I have seen things about the Receipts in the /library folder that can do it under server. Is there any way to do this under the regular OS X? I hope so.. it's a burdon to have to use the software companies installers.
I can't say much or really confirm this build but... All I can say is yes very stable, and 99% useable...
Ok with the release of the iPod for Windows we may get more peeps on the Mac. However what is not clear to me is will the Windows iPod work with the mac? Lets think about this for a second... If a windows user buys an iPod and then wants to switch to the Mac he will be pretty pissed if it does not work. I heard there was some software that would allow you to use the iPods on windows before the windows ones came out. If that is true then it most just be a software issue...
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