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No MS is the Rattle Snake, the next OS X will be Hawk or Jabberwalkie... Or Pandora's Box After all what was left after Pandora opened the box? The answer Hope.. So MS has opened Pandoras box by pissing Steve off with comments... [Surprised]
Idea OS 10.2 is free full install to a people with macs. All you pay is the shipping, this will help people convert hell it's free. Flood the market with the software like MS'es IE and they will get used to using it.
Idea Apple goes back to the Desktop stlye case. It could easy use a board much like this one. They could put 4 Drive bays in it. On another note in the PC world high end cases are made of Alumium. Not only does it look cool but it works as a big heat sink... Hmm could heat with the heat problems???
Ok I know it's bad but.... iRaq?? hows that?
Does anyone know of a program that I can use on Windows to convert MPEG4 V2 to a mac playable format? I can't find any codec out there that will play the MPEG4 V2 format on the macintosh. I've done a lot of searching on the net and have not found anything so far.
Yeah your all so right.. What do I know, I can't compete with all you Fortune 500 company owners, your all millioniares. You all know what's best for Apple. Company's are in business to make money, and if they can please their customers as well it's a bonus. However you can't live 100% for your customers or you'll go broke trying to please them. Truth is Apple could care less about you, they don't owe you any thing. If you choose to buy then great if not oh well....
ADC is not 100% Apple invention. The next version of PC DVI is to have the power in one cord maybe with USB as well. Apple just jumped the gun a little (As Always). You can't change things with out pissing people off but that's life oh well. Apple is trying to reduce the number of cables a machine needs to connect together. This is the soul idea behind ADC. When the PC world starts using this standard then things will change. It would be nice to see a docking station with...
I downloaded the LN 6 pre release and it seems to work fine. However here are some complaints. 1). I had to have OS 9 install to install it 2). The Icons still suck (Any one know of a cool Aqua One? 3). Why are they holding on to the old installer? It's nice to have native support but I don't think you should have to have OS9 installed to do the intial setup of the program.
I've got these *.avi files from a PC that I can't play. I looked at the properties on the windows machine and it says they are Mpeg4 V2. Windows Media Player for the MAC is suppost to play them but it does not. Any ideas? I have not had any luck finding a codec...
If your friends were pissed because you enjoy breathing would you stop? Apple is behind on some things and others they are ahead. However yes Apple computers are expensive, but have you ever look at the quailty and care that goes into design of the machine I don't just mean the case ethier. I work with 1000's of PC's in my job and I'm always impressed by the quailty of the machines. Look at the cap's on there boards they have a plastic supports. Also not many companys use...
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