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Man they have forced me into vacation!! There's no way I'm going to get any sleep until atleast 2pm est on the 7th. Time to apply for an Appel Loan?
Man they have forced me into vacation!! There's no way I'm going to get any sleep until atleast 2pm est on the 7th. Time to apply for an Appel Loan?
WOW OH WOW thats all I can say... I was looking up a class schedule for certs for Apple OS X and when I went to the home page.. OMFG... If it is way beyond these boards... what the hell are they up too? I mean we can come up with some wild stuff here. IBM Power4? Quantuam Based Comupters? Apple switches to AMD? G5? Everythings is upped? OS X runs on windows PC's? Man Steve I know your second only to God when it comes to pulling miracles out of your arse but... We saw...
I asked this question a while ago and a few gave me some answer they were as follows. 1). Pylon Pro 2). Virtual PC Sync from Windows. The lady that is over the department I support, insists that the previous company uses Lotus Notes and sync's with it. Do you guys know of any other way to sync a Palm / Handspring with Lotus Notes under Mac Os? I can't install Plyon Pro if it is server side is there a client side I can use?
Here we go again... Remeber what you think is slow is fast to others. Everyone here always basis they're agruments on what they think is right. OS X is slow(ER) on older machine point taken and true. I just like laughing at you guys and girls because no matter what Apple does you'll whine like little babies. Point is Apple is better than MS in many things, be happy with that. OS X is like cooking eggs you can't cook them if you don't brake the shell first (Unless you...
I'm not making excuses for Apple, I'm just stating what is clear as day. Many things are to come soon give them time, its all about timing and marketing... Also OS X will be a greater OS than it is today. Atleast it does not have the security bugs that XP does . :cool:
Man you guys and girls need to just learn to deal with stuff. You complain about the limits of 9.x an other older Mac OS's but when Apple releases OSX you complain becuase it's not 100% perfect. How can you expect them to make a totally new OS with out killing off older slow machines? There has to be a cut off point, your luckie you can run OS X on any thing older than a year old. Point is you can't make everyone happy if you try you will go under. You have to turn your...
Thanks for the help I don't think they know how to use the Space Bar to bring up the Extension Manager. Can you browse to it normally after holding the shift down, is multiple users is on?
I've been playing around with that idea. How do you bypass the user accounts, is it just a limitation to the platform 9.x? Can I just protect the firmware with a password, to prevent booting from cd's and other devices? will this limit they're ability to bypass the logon?
Is there any way to password protect the extension manager under 9.x? I need to lock the extension manager down on my 8 macs at work, users keep changing settings. Also is there a way to prevent the install of software on a Mac with 9.x installed? Please forgive my simple questions... I'm new to mac support. Thanks
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