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It's simple Apple is going after the medical market again, the newton was huge in medical. It will be a dockable tablet mac that can be propted up and dock to become a imac of some sort. It will have build in wire less. [Chilling]
You think wrong... Steve learned from the pasted it's not about being better, it's about how you sell it and timing. Any time Steve can one up Gates he does. [Chilling]
Thanks for the input guys/girls... I'm a mac user but I'm an MCSE by trade. I know a lot about macs but not in a corprate enviroment. My company is still trying to get me the capital for my Dual G4 when they do I can do some R'n'D. Anyway.. 1). Photoshop is running on the MACOS VM. 2). I have not turned off Sherlocks Indexing where is the setting for this? 3). I need to look over the memory settings for the apps. The pervious company did not help them much I'm sure...
Hello I support a large hospital Macintosh department. Currently the Marketing department which uses Macintosh machines is having problems toward the end of the day with slow downs. I suspect that it is do to memory leaks. The machine have the following software Mac OS 9.1 or higher Mac Office 98 Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Adobe Illustrator 8 or 9 Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or 5 Adobe type manager Quark Express 4 Lotus Note 5.07 Virex 6.0 I installed 1 to 1.5 gigs of memory in...
Well that's what I figured I know you can do some stuff with Pylon Pro but that would take a massive effort. Also you can use Virtual PC from what I hear but I think it is better left alone if you have to jump through hoops like that. Thanks for the reply
Guys I have been asked by my marketing department at work to step up a Palm Pilot M105 (I believe thats the model) they bought a USB craddle. They want to be able to sync with lotus notes however I can't find a version of Easy Sync for the mac. Is there a simple soultion to this or is it just easyier to install Virtual PC and setup notes on that? The machine I have to do this on is one of the Ice Blue El Captian's it has USB and Serial. What is the best way to sync with...
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