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With the release of Thunderbolt I'm wondering if Apple will remove the USB plug from the Apple Cinema display, since Thunderbolt can carrier USB. This would allow for a hub on the back of the display with only one connector. Aside from that can anyone think of a reason for them to update? I'm on the fence, I sold my 24" a while ago and want to replace it in the next two months or so.
Apple will release the pro apps on windows, along with ilife, and iwork. They are getting deeper into corporate with a vmView like desktop virtualzation software. Then 3D displays replace the current displays haha.. Cats and Dogs living together... Snow Leopard will be a free release for 10.5 owners.. They release iSteve and ioBama.. Home cloning software, make your own human in a box. They make a 4k display, 12 core Mac pros. Blu ray comes to mac, home media library...
It doesn't matter which format wins everyone is out to make money, everyone wants their product to be the dominate one. At the end of the day no one cares about the customer, it is all about money, they will sell what the consumer wants. Both formats have pros and cons, but there have been wars like this for years, DVD +-R, DVDA/SCD, Beta max / VHS. I applaud who ever put the deal together, the format will be won by who ever spends the most money buying people out. I just...
I bought 35k of apple stock at $12, about 2916 shares ,then it split a while after bring me to 5834 or so. Currently my stake in apple is some where around $525,000 yes you read that right. I have it all in my 401k and I'm not moving my funds around anytime soon. I predict another split shortly after it hits $100 a share. Best thing I ever did, when I left Chrysler I sold all of my stock, prefect timing.
Hmm maybe a Red Macbook.
Wow must be something in the water in michigan, thought I was the only one dropping F bombs on this forum.
Anyone know what video drivers were added to the update? I just installed Leopard from ADC so I might roll back.
Yes they are working on the resolution thang. But higher resolution would still be nice. I believe that just means that the Icons and Text will not be linked to the screen res. Not 100% sure what it means could not find it on ADC.
I predict Apple will release something soon, most will be happy for a few weeks, after that everyone will be dissapointed and say its not enough. Today was the last day I could have taken my 17" MBP back, since I did not I can promise something new will come out for sure soon vey soon and I will be pissed but what can you do? I also believe the entry level macbook will stay wth the onboard intel chips. It would be nice to see a better video card and higher rsolution...
While we are at it, better resolution.
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