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Oh I have a Dell D620 with 2 gig ram, dvd burn 160 gig HD, and the top C2D in it. But it was not Macbook So I bought the MBP 17, I'm no fan boy, although I wish it had a little better res on screen and video card. I was just so sick of the Dell. The dam keys are poping off it when I type, it's been repaired 4 times in last few months.
Well I have till Saturday to return this MBP 17" if I so wish... I don't think I will I got the USB modem and an extra Battery for it. Would suck if they updated the battey...
It seems unlikely to me as well i hae used a 19" laptop from Alienware. This seems a little off beat, it's more of a special niche market for gaming. I have a 17" MBP and it's really nice but I think that's about as big as main stream will get.
Dude trying to predict what Apple will do is almost as bad as trying to measure quantum particles. I feel your pain I just bought a brand new MBP 17, 7 days ago. I could take it back an loose a few dollars on restock fees but then again we all know how launches go. If I knew for sure the Dispaly and video card were getting bumped I would do it. But no way of knowing.
I finally broke down and bought a new 17" 2.33 Macbook Pro. If my past track record holds you guys should see new products in a couple of weeks After I buy they always release new ones straight way. But you know I really like this MBP, sure it would be nice to have a better video card but other than that it's awesome.
The debate in this thread has, had me beating myself to death and not even in a nice way. The only thing that I wish the MBP's had was a better video card. I'm not sure we will see a true gaming class card in this notebook. Although it would be really nice, I tried to spec out a XPS and WOW was it expensive to bring it up to the level of the 17" MBP. An they say Apple is too expensive....
Don't be so sure that all of them have been tricked. And further more I have top level clearances for the job I do and it takes allot more than just finger prints to get in. Most systems are tiered, and require thermal foot printing of the face. Even twins have different signatures, but there are other measures that they have on systems as well.
Father passed away in 1997, Cancer is a bitch. I'm sure everything is fine but still...
I felt the same way when I saw the Keynote, then I got to thinking letting go of Pixar, Moving the INTEL finally and now back up people during Keynotes. I mean Steve loves to wow people it's hard to believe he is giving up Keynotes. Seems like he is slowly pulling out of the spot light. I really hope he is okay, but he reminded me of my dad in the last few months of his fight with Cancer. He just had that look that my dad had it scares me.
You can't make Al Black with paint etc????? You can done all the time on airplanes, Helicopters etc.. You can just not sure they would.
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