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I run a global automation team that deploys 1000's of pcs and macs each year. Honestly the percentage of PC's that come in bad or have issues are far greater than the macs. I would be supprized if we had two bad macs a year, that had critical flaws. If I look at percent per population between the PCs and Macs the PCs are pretty bad compared to the Macs. Point is all systems have defects, regardless of the manufactor. There will always be issues, and there will always be...
Arn't they releasing a faster Core Duo chip?
My wife's 14" ibook that we bought a while after the last update may go up for sale soon. She wants to upgrade to the new MacBook. What do you guys think it will be worth $800? it's in really good shape we have all software, manuals etc..
Agreed they could keep one G5 model around for folks that need a G5. As for CPU bumps probably silent over time, CPU type changes maybe at Mac Worlds?
I was told in a marketing class a while back a reason for Tuesday lanuachs. Here goes. Monday -- first day of the work week everyone busy lots of news from weekend. Tuesday -- News Slows down people settled into things, more likely to take it in. Wednesday -- Middle of the week Thursday -- Day before friday thinking of weekend. Friday -- Crunch to get things done, day before weekend. Saturday -- Slow news day good time to sneak things in. Sunday --...
Man if they get the Pro Mac out the door before Sept they will be a head of schedule (Even more so) unless the server really brags its feet. We might see a bump on cpu speed again. before Jan... It's so weird I mean I have been used to this on the PC side but it's nice to see on mac side. Heck if you think about it the MacBook Pro has kinda gotten two bumps since it was announced.
Ahh it's not alone yet the servers are still Power PC I supect they will be the last to convert.
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanos, the dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
I owned a MBP 2.16 with the 7200 RPM drive, and 2 gig of ram. The battery life on it was not too bad at around 3.5-4 with the way I ran it. Fortunately returned the unit to the store after it started to have display issues. Since I didn't want to get another goofy one while they worked out the bugs (which I think they have done). Any way I'm kind of glad I did the new 17" looks to be everything that I was waiting for. Since I use my laptop mostly as a replacement...
Or to make things even clearer if someone slips Steve might fire them. He goes off on things when they don't go as planned...
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