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I might have the answer to that one, with the way everything is calculated they probably don't want to take the chance of pre-releasing information. Just like the website updates only after Steve Jobs is done with his keynote. It's probably a simple safe guard by the marketing, and web people to be sure they don't screw up on timing.
Well I would grumble as I owned a MBP 15 with the 2.16 and 7200 RPM drive until yesterday. I was really bumed out my wife lost her job on Friday so I took it back since it had not been 2 weeks. The manager was nice enough to wave the restocking fee since I told him I woul dbe back in a month or so once my wife could find a new job. Strangely enough I joked with him and my wife about, ahh I'll just get the 17" next time. This morning I strangley feel better even though I...
You can get a MacBook Pro 2.16 with the 100 Gig 7200 RPM drive, and 1 gig ram at Apple Stores. I picked mine up from thier retail chain.
Yes.. problem with drives above 100 Gig you can only get them in 5400 or 4200 RPM.
I got lucky I purchased a MacBook Pro it was working really good. But I started to have issues with it after about 12 days. After a trip to the Apple Store I have a new MBP 2.16 they replaced the unit for me.
Why do any thing if you don't have to to get press.. maybe less is more then when everyone doesn't expect it they do something. This may sound stupid but it would help them spend marketing dollars more affective. I was hoping for a sale today but such is life.
Is it possible to purchase and install Blue Tooth and Airport aftr purchase on the Quad? Or is this still only BTO? I'm Selling off my Dual 2.5 with built in Blue tooth and I would like to be sure I don't have to have a dongle sticking out the back of the unit since there are no more external antennas.
I'm thinking of upgrading my Dual 2.5, 2x250,6 gig, airport,bluetooth, 6800 Ultra machine. The quad looks to be awesome however I believe the 7800 to be better for Motion then the Quad card. What does everyone else think?
I noticed the benchmarks that came in on the 2.3 that stated it was slightly faster then the Dual 2.5. Given that one would think that the Quad will indeed be a good choice for upgrade. Since I had read on some sites that the 2.3 dual almost bested the 2.5 in the last refresh release. The one question I have though about the bench marks however is does that software use the dual cores properly? I believe the cores are seen as seperate CPUs but does that require any...
AMD Mac j/k
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