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I remember the old saying is Apple switches to Intel I'll suck my own pen-is. Well for those that chimed in this time are you limbering up? Does this mean Games on the Macintosh if so that would bring in more fan boys. You know how the Intelers like those games. Wonder if the Os will run on only apple hardware and how long it will take for it to leak to it torrent and if so will someone make a hack for the custom Asic or what ever prevents it from runing on regular...
dam you beat me to it I though of this during the keynote sorry for the dupe on the post.
Never mind I though of it while the keynote was on. You guys me :-(
I ordered my 6800 from CDW in july but they keep pushing it back. Last I heard it would be in on the 29th of October but no word as of yet. Are they shipping in mass now?
Blue tooth BS.... Okay so I ordered my Dual 2.0 last year with a Blue Tooth module from Apple. This year I ordered a Dual 2.5 with out, I have no idea why they don't sell the OEM module. I simple removed two screws and put it into the 2.5 plugged the wire for the anntenna. It works fine, there is no difference and it took about 5 minutes tops. If only someone could get there hands on the modules. I don't know why they wouldn't let apple tech install them other than...
I use a Leaf Blower on my machines I know it sounds funny but Man it sure does clean the puppies out
I'd eat myself I be so good I'd cover my self in brown mustard.. wise answer my friend. If you had said no I would have come at you like a tornado of teeth, finger nails and hair.. Man that was a funny skit
I had issues removing my Sony DVD-R in the one at home. Some of the machines have sligthy warped mount plate and you have to lightly pry on the face area of the drive to get it unstuck. Also there are atleast two different types of standoffs for the drives. Different ones for the Pioneer, from the Sony may be yet another for the Combo Drive. When I go my Dual for home the tray would stick till I pushed down on it. When we got one in at work it worked much better an...
I bought Open OSX but I have as of yet got it to let me install W2k. I did however boot linux Redhat 6.0 seems ok on my dual G5.
Ordered on 16th of Sept, payment cleared on 19th, it was a Dual CTO 9800,bt,250 with two 23' LCD's. Called last week they said 3-5 days then not till the 8th. Called today they said on track for 22nd of OCT. At 11:50 EST I got my tracking number for the thing. Looks like it will be here tommorrow or next day via Fed-Ex Priority
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